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Neighbor's pit bulls devour Fayetteville family's pet

Posted September 27, 2013

— A Fayetteville family said its pet beagle was attacked and eaten by three pit bulls in a neighbor's yard Thursday evening.

Graham Webb got Jack a few weeks ago as a present for his 10th birthday. He called the puppy "my special-ist birthday present in my whole life."

Jack was in the family's back yard Thursday while the family was out and somehow got into the neighbor's yard. Andy Webb, Graham's father, said Friday that he thinks a neighbor's pit bull pulled the puppy through a hole in the fence.

Once Jack was in the adjacent yard, a witness said, two other pit bulls joined in the attack and devoured it.

Andy Webb said the family searched for Jack when they got home, only to learn about the puppy's horrific fate.

"We're going up and down the road looking for our dog, which has already been eaten by him," he said.

A Cumberland County Animal Control officer said there's no proof that the pit bull yanked Jack through the fence. In this case, he said, it appears the beagle was the stray.

Fayetteville dog killed Animal Control disputes owner's claim that pit bull pulled dog through fence

Animal Control officials said that, because the pit bull was in its own yard and wasn't aggressive toward a person, they cannot take custody of it.

Dave Perschbacher, the pit bull's owner, is out of town, but he left a message on Webb's cellphone to apologize and assure him he would take care of the situation.

"This is a dog that needs to be watched, obviously. The dog needs to be put down, frankly," said Webb, who carried a .380-caliber handgun in his back yard Friday as the pit bull barked and growled at him from the other side of a weathered wood fence.

"I got four kids, and they're home-schooled, and this is their play area," he said. "He ate my dog. I'm just glad it wasn't my daughter."


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  • katiemcnair Oct 3, 2013

    and to the person who said they are prolly just hungry the owners son goes there everyday to feed them while his dad is away so go somewhere thinking that people would just leave dogs or cats or any animal with out someone to babysit! really foolish to think otherwise! id never leave my dog with out someone to watch them while I was away u must not have any animals of your own to say such a thing.. we are not inhumane!

  • fishon Sep 30, 2013

    I understand the pit bulls are a problem, However, a small dog should never be left alone in the backyard. Hawks and owls can also kill a small dog.

  • girlwonders Sep 30, 2013

    Andy, I see your point with that dog in particular. He appears to be pretty uncontrolled and vicious. I actually love pit bulls, but I have never had one who was that vicious. I would have to put a dog with that disposition down. I did pit bull rescue for years, and any dog that came in like that wouldn't have been kept loose in any yard. Much less in a neighborhood with children. I think that a responsible pet owner would find a better place for that dog, or have it put down. After it ate the puppy, I would say Euthanasia is the best bet.

  • fifefan4life Sep 30, 2013

    Thanks for proving my point 68_dodge_polara. If you put a steak (or a puppy) in a fence next to pit bulls, they will rip the fence open to get at it. DON'T LEAVE A PUPPY ALONE OUTSIDE! FENCE OR NO FENCE. This is tragic and did not have to happen. That said, I love pit bulls and own 3, but those dogs should probably be destroyed and the owner not allowed to own any more.

  • paintmyspirit Sep 30, 2013

    Anyone Has The Right To Leave Their Dog In This Case The Beagle Securely In Their Backyard. The Neighbors Pitbulls Has Continuely Done Damage To The Fence. The Owner Is Responsible For Fixing Any Damages His Dog Has Created. The Pitbull Was Obviously The Stronger Of The Two Dogs And The Only One Capable Of Breaking Through The Fence. But In The One In A Million Chance The Beagle Was The "Stray" It Still Does Not Downplay The Fact That The Pitbull Was So Dog Aggressive It Ripped The Poor Puppy To SHREDS!! Any Animal Regardless Of Breed Who Rips Apart Another Dog Is DANGEROUS! In This Case The Fact Is It Was A Pittbull, ButiIt Could Have Been Any Other Breed, Rottweiler, Doberman, Collie, Even A Yorkie! But When Someone Owns Any Dog, Especially A Powerful Breed It Is Their Responsibility To Properly Manage, Train, Socialize, And Care For That Animal.The Dog That Killed The Beagle Puppy Has PROVEN that He Is A Threat To Living Creatures.

  • readme Sep 30, 2013

    I'm weary of pit owners getting angry and saying it's all about the owner and to not slam the breed. Not fooling me! This is a breed predispositioned genetically for violence. I applaud good owners, for sure. I'm not saying it doesn't help. But statistically speaking, there's a higher risk for an attack no matter what. I believe every home owner should have a right to have an animal like that to protect his home, but there should be strict accountability and punishment for unwarranted attacks. And that should include first time attacks from the animal.

  • readme Sep 30, 2013

    Andy, you have the moral high ground. Don't let anyone tell you differently. Thanks for sticking up for yourself, and don't let this issue go away. I also suggest you take advantage of your county's noise ordinances. No doubt these pits are left out for lenghty stays, and you should call the police every single time they nuisance bark. Every time.

  • 68_dodge_polara Sep 30, 2013

    "I hope they don't get another dog if they're not responsible enough to know not to leave it alone in the backyard with pit bulls next door and a hole in the fence."

    Really? It's likely the case the the pit broke the hole in the fence to drag the pore thing through. To find out I'd buy two steaks and lie one next to the fence and see if the pit can break another hole in the fence. If so, put the second where the first was and stand over what it with an axe and leave what ever comes over the property line stay over the property line.

  • jcolleenweatherford Sep 30, 2013

    It should not make a difference that that puppy was killed on the Pit Bull's property or not. The pit bulls, if capable of pulling a puppy through such a tiny hole, should not be left unattended even in their own yard. If they could pull a puppy through a hole like that then they could definitely make a hole to get at whatever they were interested in destroying. I like Pit Bulls. I have owned a great one. But, regardless of breed, if I owned a dog that destroyed another, I would put my dog down. It would be with a very heavy heart, but no one should keep a dog that is a danger to the community regardless of the breed. It is not the puppy's fault. And if anyone has ever owned a dog, they know a dog can get out of the house without 'permission'. Especially puppies who are still being trained on what to do when their house door is open. It's not the puppy's fault. It's the fault of the person who did not raise or properly protect his community from his animal.

  • simplelogic Sep 30, 2013

    Hmm...the pit bulls' owner out of town, pit bulls eat puppy...I have to wonder when was the last time the pits were fed. They must have been pretty hungry to eat another dog.