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Nearly $3M in cocaine seized in Wilson, Johnston

Posted February 14, 2012

— Authorities in Wilson and Johnston counties have seized 59 kilograms of cocaine, valued at almost $3 million, in separate cases in recent weeks.

An investigation by the Wilson Police Department's Narcotics Unit led to a search of a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee that turned up 47 kilograms of powder cocaine, police said Tuesday.

No one was in the vehicle at the time of the discovery, and no arrests have been made, police said.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Wilson Police Department drug hotline at 252-399-2353.

Drug agents with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office searched a room at the Days Inn in Kenly on Saturday following a tip and found eight kilograms of cocaine. Investigators used information gathered from the hotel room to search a home at 105 Spring Branch Lane in Angier, where they found another four kilograms of cocaine, authorities said.

Rosembert Espindola, 43, of Timber Street in Faison, was charged with three counts of trafficking cocaine and one count of maintaining a vehicle or dwelling to keep a controlled substance. He was being held Tuesday in the Johnston County jail under a $1 million bond.


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  • bigal02282 Feb 14, 2012

    "Who is using all of these drugs,it can't be working people or even that has any real position in life". Here is a great example of just how wrong you are. The people making the MOST money are the ones who can afford to do these drugs. A local tire plant pays some of the best wages in our state. Drug usage there is rampant and drugs are openly sold both in the plant and in the parking lot. When people have money, they tend to try and find things to spend it on for enjoyment. Boats, cars, toys, big homes, everything they ever wanted. But if something still seems to be missing, you can be sure that drugs will join the gang. While no demographic is free from drug use, poor people buy the cheapest they can afford. Crack, a little pot, whatever is available cheap. It's those folks with all the money that can afford the "good life". So don't put one demographic apart from the rest, and think about it before you make rash statements too.

  • Rebelyell55 Feb 14, 2012

    It's well known that the LEO inflate the price so they get more money from the Drug enforcement kitty when the time comes. Another reason that some drugs won't ever be legal. Too much money involved in the Anti-drug programs ran by the Feds, state and local goverment. This is a hughes business for the goverment.

  • gman007 Feb 14, 2012

    Couple hours ago I was on Hwy 301 in Wilson and passed by several police cars with all the pretty lights on. They had a couple cars pulled and were 'patting down' one individual. Maybe they found some more.

  • muggs Feb 14, 2012

    Would be interesting to find out if this individual had a job since the type vehicle is one that has a pretty good price tag and homes are not cheap to buy or even rent,get a look at his tax statements for whatever years he has been here,there are many ways to follow the trail of how long this guy has been in business I'm sure this is the only time he has been caught but he did not just start this weekend,

  • muggs Feb 14, 2012

    Who is using all of these drugs,it can't be working people or even that has any real position in life it seems as if it would be impossible to function maybe it is time to have mandatory drug test for everyone receiving any type federal or state funds people holding down a job just could not afford or be able to perform task while on these drugs without being noticed.

  • luvabigdog Feb 14, 2012


    Your math comes out to less than $20/gram which is a very low price. So I suggest you check YOUR math. Well......maybe a volume discount so that might be right.

  • yourmadscientist Feb 14, 2012

    Based on the amount confiscated, and the current value of what they got, I calculated it to be less than $730,000. Who taught these guys how to do math.

    Unless, they're trying to make themselves look good and justify their cop jobs. Na....they wouldn't do anything like that.

  • bfortyme Feb 14, 2012

    Now you know why NC is a sanctuary state. The other 90% was not found. Please, will someone follow the money trail...

    On second thought, just go to the corner of Salisbury and West Jones Street in Raleigh.

  • muggs Feb 14, 2012

    Have no idea what the long term use of marijuana is but at my age I have known it has been around for many many years but as of yet have not heard of anyone dying from it's use,but have seen on a daily basis the crime and death it has caused by being supplied in the most part by the cartels of Mexico and the illegals and some leagals who are here in our country doing their business,the fight to legalize it has gone on for decades and the whole time the illegal suppliers have prospered from this not being legal,maybe a change would cut down on the crime rate if it was legal because people are going to use it if that is what they choose to do,legal or not,lets just tax it and cut way back on the criminal element it supports.

  • davidbh61255 Feb 14, 2012

    NC is a sancuary state...welcome??