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Near-death experience changed officer's outlook on life

Posted April 11, 2013
Updated April 12, 2013

John Taylor

— There are moments in every person's life that shapes who they are and who they will become.

For John Taylor, that moment came on Nov. 17, 2010.

Then a Roanoke Rapids police officer, Taylor stopped a green 1997 Geo Prism for following another vehicle too closely. He ended up being shot four times in the stomach, wrist and neck.

"I really thought I was going to die on the side of the road," he said.

Police would eventually find the driver, Michael Edgerton, and the passenger, his fiancée, Renee Phillips. Phillips was arrested and Edgerton committed suicide.

"It was actually one of the best things that's ever happened in my life," Taylor said.

It was that day, he says, that helped him gain a new perspective.

"You want to remember just how precious life really is," he said.

Since the shooting, Taylor and his wife have had their second son. Family, he says, was his first priority in making his next career move.

Officer's shooting brought him closer to family Officer's shooting brought him closer to family

"I didn't want my son to grow up not knowing me," he said.

Taylor had offers from the State Bureau of Investigation and the FBI to become an agent. He chose the state because he felt it would mean more time at home.

"We have, what I hope, is a long, happy life ahead of all of ourselves," he said.


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  • Relic Apr 12, 2013

    He's a good kid and a brave man. He'll do the SBI well.

  • Billy the Kid Apr 12, 2013

    Thanks for your help, monkeyface. Only 5 comments and only a couple are positive. We live in a sick sick world.

  • MonkeyFace Apr 12, 2013

    Not a critic... I too, make mistakes, and everyone does. Just trying to help proof read.

  • puzzled Apr 12, 2013

    Critics. I'll wager I can proof what you say or write under pressure and your statements won't be perfect either. Mr. Taylor I thank you for your service to all of us and I wish for you and your family a good life and may it be lived to serve as a good example for others. Maybe some of those who have extra time sit around and critize everyone's speech will eventually learn a lesson from you.

  • fifefan4life Apr 12, 2013

    Monkeyface better put your glasses on, the article states, "We have, what I hope, is a long, happy life ahead of all of ourselves," he said.

  • MonkeyFace Apr 12, 2013

    "We have, what I hope, is a long, happy live ahead of all of ourselves," he said.... LIFE... Life, not live. On another note. Congrats on your new job! Some times it takes something like this to happen for some one to see the bigger picture. Glad you were able to pull through!

  • just my2cents Apr 12, 2013

    God bless this man, and I pray he does have a long healthy life with his family.