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NCSU's 'Dirty Bingo' gets less risque due to state law

Posted February 9, 2013

— North Carolina State University's "Dirty Bingo" event on Tuesday will be less risque, now that the state Department of Public Safety has stepped in.

The student-run event, designed to promote safe sex practices, caused an uproar with students and parents who were upset the event was offering sex toys as prizes.

However, without a bingo license, it's a misdemeanor to offer a bingo prize worth more than $10, according to the Department of Public Safety.

The University Union Activities Board does not have a bingo license, which costs $200. The group spent $300 in student fees to buy the two dozen prizes.

UAB President Lauryn Alexis Collier says the sex toy prizes will not be part of the event, but "Dirty Bingo" will go on.

Some balk at use of student fees for sex toys Some balk at use of student fees for sex toys


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  • discowhale Feb 12, 2013

    I guess there was no WAY for the Chancellor to step and say that's not the image of NCSU, NCSU students or NC in general that we want to project?

    And I'm saying that as a taxpayer who is not a native, and I have no ties at all to the UNC System. I guess I wanted to know if there was a line we refuse to cross in this country in the 21st Century. It would appear that they'll go back to archaic laws, instead of just saying, "...uh, kids, that's WRONG!"

    We wouldn't want them leaving college thinking there are limits on or rules for life now, would we?

  • I am not who you think I am Feb 11, 2013

    they give away grades at the "flagship" university. Seems they should be able to give away a prize worth more than $10 at Dirty Bingo Nite. After all those grades cost taxpayers lots more than those bingo prizes will

  • fromRaleigh Feb 11, 2013

    What advisor ok'd the purchase of sex toys?! So is this my tax dollars hard at work making well rounded students?

  • SMAPAEA Feb 11, 2013

    No state appropriated money went to this, and they will likely just take the stuff back. Don't understand the big deal with this, these kids are all legal adults.

  • simplelogic Feb 11, 2013

    "this doesn't benefit everyone."

    If all students have the option of attending, then yes, it does benefit all of them. I'm sure there are plenty of other examples of student fee funded activities that not all students will take advantage of, but that's their choice.

  • monkeyboy Feb 11, 2013

    one, how do they get $300 in student fees? this doesn't benefit everyone. also, since they can't give out the prizes, do they need to repay the $300? only fair, otherwise it's waste.

  • mbrownunc Feb 11, 2013

    That's interesting, when I was an undergrad just a few years ago, the dorms had bingo where you could win $50 bags of groceries and the grand prize was $100 gift card. Just last semester my brother won a case of red bull in dorm bingo, that's worth about $30.

  • archmaker Feb 11, 2013

    how much dust did they blow off of that law? probably written when $10 was actually something.

    i'm sure there's a lot of charaties and churches breaking the law.