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NCCU dean arrested on assault charge

Posted October 3, 2012

— An administrator at North Carolina Central University has been arrested on a charge of assault on a female.

Ontario Wooden, dean of the University College, was arrested Sunday and released on a $2,000 secured bond.

According to an arrest warrant, Wooden is accused of grabbing a woman on her forearm and shoving her against a cabinet, causing scratches and bruises to her arm and left shoulder.

The alleged assault happened Sept. 24 on campus, according to the warrant.

NCCU spokeswoman Ayana Hernandez said Wednesday that university officials are aware of the arrest but that, because it is a personnel matter, she could not provide additional comment.

The university hired Wooden, whose annual salary is $107,000 in September 2008, and he has been in his current position since July 2011. The University College guides students through their first two years on campus.

Prior to NCCU, he was the director of an honors program at Albany State University in Georgia.

Wooden's arrest is the latest in a string of misconduct at the university in the past few months.

Two former employees were indicted last month on embezzlement charges.

The drum line of the university's marching band was found to be in violation of school policy after an investigation found that members participated in activities that violated the university's code of conduct.

Hernandez pointed out that each of the cases was an isolated incident.

"Like any organization or university, we are definitely mindful of anything that might impact our students, faculty and staff," Hernandez said. "It is definitely our No. 1 priority to serve our students, and so we definitely want to address any concerns immediately."


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  • tangofruit52 Oct 4, 2012

    This 'woman' has a history of being dishonest, manipulative and downright evil. I know her, but know very little about him. I doubt anything that she has to say is true.

  • due_whats_right Oct 3, 2012

    I just want us all to understand that having a high paying job does not make us perfect. He is a human being first.....human beings don't always make the best decisions. Not condoning what he did, but stop putting wings on his back b/c he is an administrator! His job had nothing to do with his behavior, so keep them separate. There are crazy people in all professions who do crazy things. He is as just as imperfect as the rest of us!

  • PJM Oct 3, 2012

    Love the comment ChronStockton....
    ThatGuyYetAgain- I dont do meet and greets, if you want to schedule a session however, 100.00/20 minute session, 170.00/hour, New Patients 100.00 fee off top.


  • PJM Oct 3, 2012

    To ellengraham5660
    "typical...........what do you expect???

    I expected your ignorant comment! Bless your heart...! Stop throwing stones...or is it just your White hood is out of the cleaners today...

  • ChronStockton Oct 3, 2012

    ThatGuyYetAgain- I dont do meet and greets, if you want to schedule a session however, 100.00/20 minute session, 170.00/hour, New Patients 100.00 fee off top.

  • ThatGuyYetAgain Oct 3, 2012

    Hey Chron, have you always been smarter than everyone else or have you done something recently that impressed you with yourself even more so than you're usually impressed with yourself? I'm feeling left out since I don't even know how badly I've been intellectually punked and thus made your intellectual bytch. But I'm sure it's very, er, intellectual. Just like you!

    I've never been anyone's intellectual bytch before, at least not that I know of. Maybe we could meet for coffee?

  • diana123 Oct 3, 2012

    jeez, i wonder what it was about. definitely
    it was building up for awhile.

  • whereismychange Oct 3, 2012

    Wow..... It seems that everyone has forgotten Innocent until Proven Guilty, or maybe the judgemental posters on here like the motto Guilty until Proven Innocent.

  • storchheim Oct 3, 2012

    tabnumbers, Hansborough and her lover were both excoriated in the comments, as was the guy who allowed her to be hired and was excoriated too.

    You're the racist, and a liar.

  • ThatGuyYetAgain Oct 3, 2012

    Dollibug, did you bring enough of your medication to share?