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NC Zoo ups admission price

Posted June 20, 2011

— The North Carolina Zoo announced Monday that the price of admission would increase by $2 beginning next month. 

July 1 signals the start of the state's fiscal year, and the zoo, a state agency, will raise the price to deal with the budget cuts dictated by the General Assembly, Zoo Director Dr. David Jones said.

Admission will go from $10 to $12 for adults, $6 to $8 for children ages 2-12, and $8 to $10 for senior citizens and college students. It is the first price hike since 2001.

 The zoo will continue to provide free admission for registered school groups and discounted admission for other groups of 15 or more.


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  • dae66 Jun 21, 2011

    I will never go back to this "zoo" anyway. It is horrible except for the plants.

  • LibertarianTechie Jun 21, 2011

    Not worth the expense when the Aloha Zoo is down the road from me.

  • JPack Jun 21, 2011

    I assume this affects the annual membership fee as well. Oh well, it's still worth it. Tip to everyone. Get the annual membership. It works at the coastal aquariums as well. Well worth the cost.

  • sunneyone Jun 21, 2011

    Totally reasonable! Two bucks a person isn't that bad. I hope they're able to reopen some of the exhibits.

  • slaterric Jun 21, 2011

    We love going to the zoo. Someone was complaining about the food at the zoo. Yes it is bad, but just take your own food. That is what we do.

  • knockitoff Jun 21, 2011

    Bring animals and I will visit, the very first and last visit I did with paying $10 was a farce...hardly any animals were out, everything was closed for one reason or another. We went as a group in April of last year 2010. This was my first visit and probably my last if there are no animals and your raising prices.

  • Plenty Coups Jun 21, 2011

    "Let the people who use the zoo, parks and other state sites pay to use them."

    Cultural attractions such as a zoo or park bring in visitors and money that benefit all. It makes living in an area much more attractive and causes property values to go up. Or you can be shortsighted.

  • Plenty Coups Jun 21, 2011

    "As the years have gone by budget cuts have taken their toll on the facility and their ability to support the number of animals they display."

    Kind of what is happening to public education here in NC. But hey, at least we have tax breaks for large out of state corporations and don't have to pay a penny sales tax, right?

  • webhype Jun 21, 2011

    the Zoo has been in decline for years. When we first went in 1999 the zoo was quite the bargain and I was impressed. As the years have gone by budget cuts have taken their toll on the facility and their ability to support the number of animals they display. And these budget cuts took place during "good times". Wait to see what these recent cuts do to museums and other cultural facilities.

  • caniacman Jun 21, 2011

    The key is the animals are in natural habitats. We have been twice: First time was middle of July on a hot weekend and there was not a lot of animals out. The second was with my daughter's school trip it was a cool overcast day and the animals were out all over the place. Key is get there early if it is hot because the animals go for cooler areas during the heat of the day or pick a day that is over cast and not as crowded. The zoo is fine just have to pick the right day.