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NC Wanted: Mystery surrounds death of Halifax County teenager

Posted August 29, 2015

— A 19-year-old pregnant teen was found dead in her Halifax County home 32 years ago.

Susan Clary, of Weldon, was eight months pregnant when her father found her body on May 6, 1983.

Clary and the baby she was carrying both died.

“He went up there; of course the back door was open,” said Clary’s mother, Maurice Shearin. “He went up there and he found her laying on the bed, stark naked, with a bra wrapped around her neck.

“When I got there, they were bringing her out of the house and her hand fell out from under the cover,” Shearin said. “I realized then that she was gone.”

Investigators said Clary died of asphyxiation, yet the bra around her neck wasn't used to kill her.

Two guns were found in the room—one next to the body, yet neither had been fired. Officials said fingerprints were not found on either of the guns.

“If somebody spontaneously left those in those awkward positions, you would think that they wouldn’t have wiped them clean,” said Major Bruce Temple of Halifax police. They would have just taken them typically.”

Clary's husband said he left the home early that morning to see his father, while his wife was still asleep.

Investigators have eliminated many suspects in the last three decades, though some are still on their radar.

“We hope that after all these years, that this case will touch the heart of somebody,” Temple said. “And they’re going to be inclined to tell us something.”

If you have any information about the murder of Susan Clary, call our toll free hotline at 1-866-43-wanted.


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  • Jennifer Lee Aug 30, 2015
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    Maybe an investigator at the time had taken pictures of any ligature marks around her neck, They stated that the bra found around her neck wasn't used to asphyxiate her; so their must have been either hand prints that stick around after a death as bruising or some other mark left on her neck. Digging deeper into this case could prove worthy to solving it much sooner then one would think.

  • Karie West Aug 30, 2015
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    This is such a tragic story. Has anyone performed DNA testing on the items left at the crime scene, such as the bra found around her neck, or the guns? DNA testing was beginning in 1984. I doubt it was used on this case at the time.
    One has to suspect the husband. The back door was open, yet it was not a forced entry. The woman was totally nude. Her husband allegedly stated that she was in the bed asleep. How would a random attacker know where her bra or the guns were located in the home? Who shows up to murder a helpless pregnant woman, then takes the time to look around the room for her bra and guns to position on and around the body? An attacker planning a home invasion brings a weapon. None of these items were used to kill her but were positioned to make a statement.
    Statistics show that in many pregnancy-associated homicides, it is the husband or boyfriend. This case reminds me of the one involving Michelle Young.