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NC Wanted: Authorities search for clues in deadly hit-and-run near Fayetteville

Posted August 12, 2014
Updated May 23, 2015

— Fayetteville authorities are seeking the public's help in finding the driver responsible for a hit-and-run that killed a pedestrian in August in Cumberland County.

The crash happened on Cumberland Road, near Boone Trial, outside Fayetteville. Troopers said an eastbound driver struck Ronald Reed Jr., 31, of Parkton, who died.

Investigators searched the area but found no witnesses or a vehicle. The crash happened near the Cumberland Road Fire Department, and investigators are reviewing security video from the fire department. They also found a small piece of chrome trim at the scene.

Stephanie Kinlaw said she heard something outside her house on Cumberland Road and went to investigate.

"I could see there was a body laying in the intersection with a blanket over it," she said. "Then I knew it happened right out in front of my house. It was pretty scary because we walk across this street a lot."

Reed was hit in front of Faymont Baptist Church, where the Rev. Chris Evans said road safety improvements are needed.

"There needs to be something done, whether there's sidewalks put in, some crossing areas, some of the little traffic signals they use for pedestrians - stuff like that," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Fayetteville office of the State Highway Patrol at 910-486-1334.


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  • Anita Lambert Hawley Aug 12, 2014
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    I hope the Cumberland County HWP investigates this hit and run better that Sampson County did when my son was killed in a hit and run. Aug.6 will be 3 years since my son's life was taken. His 2 children and I grieve for him everyday.

  • Gene Stoeckley Aug 12, 2014
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    What they said. Hopefully.

  • Jerry Sawyer Aug 12, 2014
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    No one should leave the scene of an accident, BUT - Many people in our country actually believe it is appropriate to walk out in traffic outside of cross walks. They just walk out in the road, wave their arms telling those driving cars to stop for them. It would be a great idea for pedestrians to actually give automobiles the right of way. If not, the pedestrian will loose.

  • joefurloughski Aug 12, 2014

    Many times I have seen people improperly crossing the road in this area. Numerous times pedestrians do not use crosswalks, they just walk in front of traffic. I'm not saying this is the case here because it was not reported either way. If the pedestrian was jaywalking, he has committed contributory negligence and may be totally at fault if the driver was doing nothing wrong. The driver should have stopped regardless. Tragic situation. RIP Ronald Reed.

  • Bernadette Dan Unger Aug 12, 2014
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    My hope is for the recovery of the family and the driver when found, gets his sentence of 20 years. Come on legal system, you can fix this or at least make it reduce dramatically, if it was a relative of a judge or lawyer, they would want their justice immediately.

  • WRAL + GOLO = completely Bais Ne Aug 12, 2014

    Just how does one strike a human with their vehicle, then simply take off? How do you not stop? How do you not care about the person hit? I know that the answer is most likely, that the driver was drunk, high, or had something in the vehicle, that they didn't want the police to find. Still, leaving the scene of a wreck, of any kind, shows the lack of concern, by the driver. Hopefully, the police will find this person very soon. Hopefully, this person or persons, will turn themselves in. Hopefully, this person or persons, will have at least some morals. Hopefully, this person or persons, will have a conscience.