NC voter turnout sets midterm record

Posted November 4, 2014
Updated November 5, 2014

— More than 2.7 million votes were cast in Tuesday's election in North Carolina, setting a record for a midterm election, according to the State Board of Elections.

With 92 percent of precincts counted, 2,717,920 voters had cast ballots. In 2010, turnout was 2,700,393.

“We are pleased that more than 2.7 million voters made such a strong statement for the democratic process, increasing early participation by over 20 percent and besting the state’s prior midterm record,” Board of Elections Director Kim Strach said in a statement. “We commend the counties for their hard work and commitment on behalf of voters in our state.”


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  • LuvsThePack Nov 5, 2014

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    Sooooooo....... the new voting laws aren't preventing anyone from voting.

    Thanks for clarifying that for us!

  • jimcricket15 Nov 5, 2014

    Actually the numbers does put the lie to the claims of suppression and to the claims that the changes to early voting was just done to again suppress the vote. Last go around it was a Presidential cycle and that typically has higher number of voters than non-Presidential cycles. As to the arguments around voter ID, all nonsense. Any people that somehow still do not have ID, still have almost 2 full years to obtain an ID. If you actually know someone that is unable to go get an ID, then help them get it or tell them who they can contact to help them get it. Interesting election, despite the ranker directed at Government still a lot of incumbents got re-elected.

    "Do you think that maybe it didn't affect turnout because those laws haven't gone into effect yet?"
    The laws regarding early voting were in effect for this cycle. Record number of votes, because more places were open, once again proving the complaints from the Dems were grounded in myths.

  • tarheelfan41 Nov 5, 2014

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    Could you hold it down? We GOP were out until very late celebrating our "disappointment" until the wee hours of the night and we have a bit of a headache today!

  • Linda Cencelewski Nov 5, 2014
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    People are fed up and got out to vote.

  • jackaroe123 Nov 5, 2014

    Pretty cool, but it doesn't mean anything beyond the anecdotal wrt the NCGA's new voting laws. A low turnout could have meant apathy just as much as suppression, and high turnout could mean high interest as much as a lack of suppressive measures.

    This was a pretty big election that saw record campaign spending in our Senate race. It was being watched closely on the national level. NC really dislikes President Obama right now. Those are far more likely explanations for the turnout. Any # on how many people wanted to vote but didn't due to decreased early voting opportunities, changes in poll locations, or long wait times? No, and it is impossible to prove a negative, so theorizing about that is the only rebuttal to the equally theoretical claim that voter suppression is no issue.

  • ncprr1 Nov 5, 2014

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    Those "lazy baggers" are the one's supporting all of the Democrat voters. They managed to put in a full day of work and still make it to the polls. The Democrats, couldn't even be bothered to get off the couch.

  • Monkey_Joe Nov 5, 2014

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    I took that as suppressing Democrat voters. Being the lazy beggars they are, they thought everyone else would go out and vote for Hagan. No need to make any efforts. Kind of how they handle everything in life.

  • T-Man Nov 5, 2014

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    Do you think that maybe it didn't affect turnout because those laws haven't gone into effect yet?

  • bmac813 Nov 5, 2014

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    Yes they are shaking their Heads. You finally woke up and did the Right Thing. Now she can go and Sit with Perdue, Both won because people went and Voted a Straight Ticket for Oblamea.

  • Kyblue Nov 5, 2014

    Headsup....exactly what is your headup? Your comment sure makes one wonder...