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NC State students robbed on Hillsborough Street

Posted November 11, 2011

— Two North Carolina State University students were robbed at gunpoint early Friday morning as they were walking along Hillsborough Street, campus police said.

The women told police that they were near Logan Court around 1:15 a.m. when four men, at least two of whom had a gun, stopped them and took their cellphones, wallets and book bags.

No one was hurt, police said.

They are reminding students to always walk in well-lit areas at night and to use the campus' Safety Escort service.

Anyone with any information about the robbery should contact the University Police Department at 919-515-3000.


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  • j359 Nov 16, 2011

    For all those who say safety scort is a joke you are completely wrong. For one if students would not try to use it for a taxi service then people who really need it would not have to wait as long. Two they also do pick up more then one student up at a time now and as far as smoking in the car is not allowed. The safety escort has changed sence the last people who were driving it so make sure you get all your facts right just because it was happening in the past does not mean that is how it is now. Also if the students make sure there where they need to be so they can come out to the car in a promptly manner then the wait time for other is not so long. Also the bus does not stop running until 3am so there is another way of getting around late at night

  • paginasecunda Nov 11, 2011

    kcollier39 - let's see what happens if you draw one gun on four people with at least two guns. It probably won't end in your favor. The safer thing is to meet their demands, call the police, and understand that they will probably be caught eventually. No, it's not cool to let them "win", but when you are sitting there not in jail, making an honest living, you realize that you probably really did come out ahead. Losing some cash and your cards sure beats getting killed.

  • Pseudonym Nov 11, 2011

    Quote from LongWayHome: "Once we all are carring guns, then we quickly loose our freedom of speech"

    Huh??? Please explain this non-sequitur.

  • Fireflies Rock Nov 11, 2011

    screaming and pepper spray aren't effective against guns. Just give them the $ and hope they don't shoot you.

  • VanC Nov 11, 2011

    "No surprises here. Hillsborough street IS right smack in the middle of the hood."

    What? Where in the world do you get that idea? As someone who lives very near NCSU, I totally disagree with this comment. To me, just shows how incredibly out of touch with our area some posters on here are.

  • kcollier39 Nov 11, 2011

    no police should have reminded them to pack there own hand gun.its just like my wallet i never leave home without it.

  • jsok123 Nov 11, 2011

    Years ago there were MANY campus police cruisers keeping an eye on things. Are they still around or have they been laid off also?

  • NCSUalum99 Nov 11, 2011

    NCSU Campus Security/Safety Escort service is worthless.....in 2008 my two suitemates and I asked for an escort from our car in the Varsity parking lot to our dorm....a pretty long walk and it was late at night. Plus, some one had just been robbed in that area the night before. The lady on the phone told us the wait for an escort would be over an hour and suggested we just take a cab.

  • meBNme Nov 11, 2011

    WHAT?!?! You mean, the robbers didn't obey the "no guns on campus" rule?!?!
    That's the LAW for goodness sakes!
    Passing a law solves the problem right?
    I mean, the law abiding citizen doesn't carry on campus.
    Because that's the rule.
    Since when did criminals start breaking these awesome gun control laws?!?!

  • patrick85ed Nov 11, 2011

    No surprises here. Hillsborough street IS right smack in the middle of the hood. Don't blame campus police if you are out at 2 am walking the streets and some ner-do-wells roll up on you, that is YOUR stupidity. This campus is dangerous, as most are. Protect yourself by making smart decisions.