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'Post-election solidarity,' protests in Raleigh Friday

Posted November 11, 2016

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— Hundreds of students gathered Friday evening at Wolf Plaza at North Carolina State University in a demonstration of post-election solidarity. Around 9 p.m. that night, hundreds of protesters gathered in Nash Square in downtown Raleigh in response to the president-elect.

At NC State, speakers expressed dissatisfaction and concern over the recent election of Donald Trump as president. Some identified themselves as undocumented or LGBTQ and said they feel threatened by the policies the president-elect might enact. Others expressed concern the Trump presidency might have on the environment.

“To those who voted for Trump, I ask that you acknowledge the impact his rhetoric is having,” protester Nida Allam said.

Austin Bryan helped to bring people together on N.C. State. He described the presidential election results as emotionally difficult.

“They woke up the day after the election to a future and America that means homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, Islamaphobia,” Bryan said. “It is going to be the creation of a huge resistance movement in this country. We are going to see people having conversation that needed to happen a long time ago.”

Several Trump supporters were present as well, saying they want to humanize their side of the debate. Eric Low voted for Trump and attended the protest. He said he identifies as a gay man.

“I am here to humanize the Trump supporter,” said Low, a freshman at North Carolina State University. “The fact they never tried to look at the legitimate reasons people voted for him is the reason why Clinton lost the election.”

Low said he is voted for Trump because many people in the United States are out of work, and Trump promised to fix that.

“He was never the most elegant speaker. I think he said some things he probably shouldn’t have said,” Low said.

But many people at the protests cited Trump’s words as the reason behind gatherings Friday and more rallies in the future. Protesters said a major reason for the demonstrations have been to mobilize people for upcoming elections 2 years and 4 years from now.

“For what may be the first time in 20 years of living in the U.S., my faith and devotion have been faltered,” protester Stefy Castro said.


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  • Vince DiSena Nov 12, 9:11 p.m.
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    Not the end of the world people suck it up and continue with your lives.

  • Kenneth Jones Nov 12, 9:04 p.m.
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    You seriously think the Clinton's aren't pedophiles? You have so much to learn so really need to tune out from the MSM. If Trump like grabbing women, that's fine with me. I have grabbed many in my lifetime with no complaints. And the so called "rape" case against him was dropped, again. It's something that never happened. However, the Clinton's took many rides on the Lolita Express with Epstein. Look it up. It happens to rich and powerful people. That house of cards needs to come down, regardless of Dem or Rep because party doesn't matter anymore.

  • Kenneth Jones Nov 12, 8:57 p.m.
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    There is a difference in protesting a cause and crying about an election. If you're smart enough to type that paragraph, you should be smart enough to know the difference between the two.

  • Kenneth Jones Nov 12, 8:53 p.m.
    user avatar

    I'm looking for those hundreds of protesters reported in this story. I can see maybe 75-100 tops. This is the media stretching that so called "truth" again. They will never give up on the lies and deceit. Let them know you know. In every story they post, let them know.

  • Kenneth Jones Nov 12, 8:51 p.m.
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    And we can look at the ACA to see what happens when Dems are in control, failed policy. The Patriot Act is horrible legislation to take the rights away from citizens. That's why so many voted for Trump. He is not a Republican, only ran on the Republican ticket. He was a registered Democrat just a few years ago. The reason people voted for him was to tell the establishment we no longer accept what you are doing to our rights and our country. He is not a boogey man. He cares about this country and he sees the problems that have helped to destroy what we once had. The media will never tell you this because they are so far out of touch with the populace. This was also a vote against the MSM to let them know we don't listen to their lies anymore.

  • Ken Ackerman Nov 12, 6:17 p.m.
    user avatar

    I see the haters are still out in full force.

    People are protesting, not because they are afraid that won't get some handout you've been brainwashed into thinking they way. People are Scared. We talk about the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, etc.

    Now that the Reps have complete control they can begin to systematically remove those rights and no one can stop them. That is what people are afraid of. All you have to do is take a look at the Patriot Act to see where they will start.

  • Steve Smith Nov 12, 5:50 p.m.
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    I despise Hillary voters. They are sexist, as they only vote for her because she is a woman, they are racist as they call for the killing of whites, and they hate law enforcement as they back BLM, they are pedohiles and perverts as they back sodomy and the entrance to bathrooms for perverts. They number in thousands as a very vocal but very, very minor number in a country of millions. They are doing nothing but strengthening the resolve of the silent majority. They will get bored soon as they will now be able to get gainful employment with President Trump.

  • Judy Loftin Nov 12, 5:30 p.m.
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    so much fun to watch the liberals meltdown.

  • Will Sonnett Nov 12, 5:00 p.m.
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    This is not America. In this country we have an orderly transference of power every four or eight years, whether we agree with or voted for the winner. These protests are the kind of things you see in third world dictatorships. There is a reason that the USA has been a leader in the world - and this ain't it. Grow up. Educate yourself. We are a great country because we can disagree without this kind of mob behavior. And BTW: media, stop being willing participants and call the paid anarchists what they are.

  • Billy Smith Nov 12, 4:37 p.m.
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    Well well