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NC State mom refunded for unneeded health insurance

Posted October 17, 2013

— The mother of a North Carolina State University junior who says the university billed her for health insurance her son doesn't need is getting a refund.

Roberta Frank said last week that N.C. State had charged her and other families on their tuition bills for university-mandated health insurance because they failed to sign a waiver opting out of the program.

Policy, however, allows students to opt out of the program if they are covered under their parents' plans or can prove they already have health insurance.

Frank and other parents said that, unlike years before, they didn't receive a notification reminder about opting out.

Instead, students received the notifications. Some said they thought it was junk mail and ignored it while others said it never made it into their inbox because of their mail program's spam filter.

The result – a loss of $688 per student.

Frank said Wednesday that the university told her that her account would be credited.

It's unclear if other parents are getting refunds. N.C. State could not be reached for comment Wednesday.

The university said Thursday that the waiver period for the fall semester has been extended until 5 p.m. Oct. 25 for all UNC system schools. Students will receive emails and should follow instructions to waive coverage.

The waiver period for the spring semester runs from Nov. 1 to Jan. 31.


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  • Hill55 Oct 18, 2013

    We didn't have this experience.

  • sallyquality Oct 18, 2013

    NCSU is not to blame. We always see the charge on the bill. And we opt out. My son has me on his account in MyPack portal. If I am paying part of the bill, I am going to have access. I get an email and so does he about the bill. He has opted out for the last 2 years on his own. It's called responsibility and growing up. They can't be treated like children forever.

  • GALNC Oct 18, 2013

    It is clearly on the tuition bill. Parents ..get access to your child's account and read the bill. It is clearly spelled out.

    I can't stand to see everyone blame NCSU. It is clearly spelled out online on the bill and the first time I saw it I called and was told how to get the waiver. It's a simple process...don't blame the school that you didn't review the bill.

  • JAY416 Oct 18, 2013

    glarg, they are not terrible at communication. the insurance portion of the tuition bill is clearly listed as a line item on the tuition bill.

  • glarg Oct 18, 2013

    a. NC State is terrible at communication

    b. this is just a cash grab by the university

  • obs Oct 18, 2013

    Universities have been doing that since the 80s when I was in college. You have to find where the insurance is added then request it be removed if you are still on your parent's policy. Most don't remove it, so its free money for them on premiums that will never be used. Shaky practice yes, buyer beware. Never trust an insurance company or anyone who profits from them.

  • scubagirl2 Oct 17, 2013

    At least now I doubt very seriously they will have this problem in the future, even if they had NOT changed the date. It's been in the news and raised a lot of hackles so.....

  • anti-Hans Oct 17, 2013

    This cost is included in the bill as a line item. During orientation they talked specifically about this issue. Now every year, we sign the waiver and it is taken off the bill. Pretty simple.

  • smtsm Oct 17, 2013

    So this is news because the kids didn't tell their moms and dads that the school sent a note home? Really? We don't accept that in 4th grade -

  • MarvinsWife12 Oct 17, 2013

    I saw the charge on my bill and immediately dealt with it. Which included a phone call because I had not heard back, the insurance company I spoke with told me they had a backlog but were able to clear up right then and there. I have no sympathy for these parents.