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NC soldiers plead guilty to stealing $1.3M from Afghan firm

Posted March 19, 2013

— Three soldiers from North Carolina have pleaded guilty to conspiring to steal almost $1.3 million from an Afghanistan military contractor while they were deployed, according to federal court documents.

Staff Sgt. Jason Begany, of Erwin, Sgt. Edwin Vando, of Hope Mills, and Sgt. Juan Lamboy Rivera, of Raeford, were all stationed at Camp Eggers in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 2009 with the 82nd Finance Battalion, where they were responsible for paying contractors, prosecutors said.

Abdul Wasi Faqiri Co. Ltd., which provided uniforms and equipment to the Afghan National Army and police contacted the Camp Eggers finance office in May 2009 about a possible $1.3 million overpayment on its contract. Prosecutors said that, after determining there was no overpayment, the three soldiers worked with an Afghan national to steal the money.

The men had the contractor wire the money to a bank account, and the Afghan national withdrew some of the money and delivered it to Camp Eggers, where the soldiers divvied it up, prosecutors said. The soldiers then used the money to buy silk Persian rugs.

Federal authorities have seized 13 rugs and are seeking a court order requiring the soldiers to forfeit the rugs, unspecified real estate and almost $1.3 million in cash, court documents state.

All three will be sentenced later.


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  • EliteOne Mar 20, 2013

    "Why is a US Army finance unit paying 1.3 million for uniforms for Afghan military and police uniforms."

    The $1.3 million was just the overpayment. It was probably on top quite a few more million.

  • aightCPA Mar 20, 2013

    Stop complaining about the US spending a $1MM dollars. I hate it too but your going to hand control of the country to a police that has no equipment or weapons. They didn't have it before b/c their country won't buy it. They won't have it when we leave b/c their country won't buy it. You have to do something smart. How would your representitive know unless he was on some sort of military related committee. Nobody reads the bills they vote on anyway unless it results in the US giving money to their district for a dumb statue or museum or supporting their own agenda.

  • lisa4 Mar 20, 2013

    I think they should be politicians!!!!!

  • lisaclark2 Mar 20, 2013

    Hey - As they say "What's good for the goose is good for the gander" Gov. stills it from the US tax payers so what's the big issue. Our tax dollars to fund the Afghan military with uniforms... Yet Obama forcing more tax on those they rob...

  • Iwasasoldier4u Mar 19, 2013

    Why is a US Army finance unit paying 1.3 million for uniforms for Afghan military and police uniforms. This is our money why are we buying these uniforms. I am going to copy this article to my so called representative and demand an explanation.

  • eoglane Mar 19, 2013

    US always going to be in other countries and there is nothing we as citizens can do about. Probably be in Iran before long.

  • Sherlock Mar 19, 2013

    What is difference if they stole it or the contractors stole it. It was wasted money. Our government steals that from the taxpayers every day.

  • wral mods blow close my account Mar 19, 2013

    The should get a job with Haliburton.

  • Cock a doodle doo Mar 19, 2013


  • djofraleigh Mar 19, 2013

    The money the US has wasted over there...and the lives lost, and those killed....for what? We went in after al Qaeda and ran them out of the country right off. Why did we stay and stay and stay? We're going to hand over power to the very people we are killing today, in some provinces. The central government is weak and corrupt.