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NC senators, representatives react to State of the Union

Posted February 12, 2013
Updated February 13, 2013

The congressional delegation from North Carolina reacts to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Feb. 12, 2013.



U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (small)

Richard Burr

U.S. Senate

Phone: 202-224-3154

Statement excerpt: "It is time for the President to stop lecturing Congress and face the facts – his policies have failed, and they are making our economy worse."

"Many of the challenges the President addressed tonight are the direct result of expanding the size and scope of the federal government and increasing the debt limit in hopes of putting our economy back on the right track. However, as families in North Carolina and across the nation know, throwing money at our problems is not the way to address our economic issues."  

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan

U.S. Senate

Phone: 202-224-6342

Statement excerpt: "I was honored to have Terry Marquez of Aberdeen as my guest tonight. Terry’s presence reminds us that we cannot forget the sacrifices her son, Sgt. Justin Marquez, and so many brave Americans and their families have made protecting our country. Tonight the President announced the drawdown of 34,000 troops from Afghanistan, where they have worked bravely to dismantle al-Qaeda and train the Afghans to protect their own nation. As the Chair of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, I will continue working with military leadership to monitor threats in Afghanistan and around the world."

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (official portrait)

Renee Ellmers

N.C. 2nd Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-4531

Statement excerpt:  "Four years ago, President Obama gathered before Congress and addressed the state of our union. Back in 2009, our country was facing an economic crisis with trillions of dollars in debt, rising unemployment, and an uncertain future. Four years later, little has changed."

"Here in the House, we will continue to fight for the policies that work and protect the dreamers and do-ers. We will lead the charge to get America working again and this begins with helping the small businesses that drive our growth and hire our workers. We will halt the wasteful spending that is robbing our citizens and making their lives harder. We will give all Americans the power to use their own hard earned income to make their lives better, instead of making the federal government stronger. The president's policies have failed them, but it is not too late."

G.K. Butterfield

G.K. Butterfield

N.C. 1st Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3101

Statement excerpt: "Expanding on the themes of his Inaugural address, the President's State of the Union renewed his commitment to create jobs, grow the middle class, cut our debt and deficits, and invest in education and clean energy—all of which are of great importance to the First Congressional District. He made clear that this is the time to fix our broken immigration system, improve our gun control laws, and build a stronger democracy through election reform.

House Democrats share this vision, and it reflects what most Americans want--a strong and safe democracy where everyone can thrive. I look forward to tirelessly advocating for my constituents in the First District, across the state, and our great nation to meet these expectations."

Walter Jones

Walter Jones

N.C. 3rd Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3415

Statement excerpt: none

Congressman David Price

David Price

N.C. 4th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-1784

Statement excerpt: "We have come a long way in the last four years under President Obama’s leadership, but Congress clearly needs to refocus. Infrastructure, education, innovative manufacturing, clean energy: investments in the American people should dominate our debates. Instead, repeated, artificially-created fiscal crises have sucked all the oxygen out of the room and created economic uncertainty for every business and every family. With the sequester looming, yet another meat-axe approach to deficit reduction threatens our economic recovery."

"Almost all of the policies President Obama urged us to enact are supported by the majority of Americans, and they expect Congress to get the job done. I intend to help."

Virginia Foxx

Virginia Foxx

N.C. 5th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-2071

Statement excerpt: “American families, small business owners, students and taxpayers should never have to doubt whether their government is working for them. But today, the hard-earned money Washington takes from the American people isn’t generating real economic growth; it’s not making health care more affordable; it’s not reducing bottom-line college costs; and it’s not being used to pay off the $16 trillion debt bill that will burden our children and grandchildren for generations to come. Washington has to start answering for those poor results rather than attempting more micromanagement of personal freedoms."

Rep. Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre

N.C. 7th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-2731

Statement excerpt: none

Howard Coble (small)

Howard Coble

N.C. 6th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3065

Statement excerpt: "I was hoping that President Obama might be singing a different tune for the first State of the Union speech in his second term, but it was same song, different verse. I was hoping to hear a President committed to getting our fiscal house in order. All I heard was more big government programs, more out-of-control federal spending and no commitment to paying down our national debt.

As sequestration looms on the horizon – an idea hatched in the Obama White House I might add – I call on the President to get serious about reducing the size and scope of the federal government and commit to balancing future budgets while leaving future generations with a less-burdensome national debt."

Mel Watt

Mel Watt

N.C. 12th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-1510

Statement excerpt: none

Richard Hudson

Richard Hudson

N.C. 8th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3715

Statement excerpt: “We have a jobs crisis in this country and tonight, for the first time since the campaign trail, the President finally acknowledged the need for job creation and real economic growth, but still failed to offer detailed plans. In many parts of his speech the President struck the right tone, especially regarding the need for bipartisan efforts to get our fiscal house in order and tasking our generation to reignite the engine of America’s economic growth. But what we need now, and what we have failed to see after President Obama’s last three State of the Union addresses, is real action to back up the rhetoric."

"After hearing tonight's speech, it's important to remember that House Republicans have introduced and passed detailed actionable items strengthening entitlements, advancing patient-centered health care, and reducing burdensome regulations-- and each was met with opposition. To revitalize our economy, we need serious tax reform that broadens, flattens, and lowers taxes, and we need to reduce the burdensome regulatory systems that have plagued our industries for far too long."


Robert Pittenger

Robert Pittenger

N.C. 9th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-1976

Statement excerpt: none


Patrick McHenry

Patrick McHenry

N.C. 10th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-2576

Statement excerpt: none


Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows

N.C. 11th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-6401

Statement excerpt: “As redundant as the movie ‘Groundhog Day,’ President Obama’s State of the Union address echoed the same empty rhetoric of the past four years. Since taking office, the president has made a litany of failed promises to Americans. His trillion-dollar stimulus never revived our sluggish economy and despite his promise to cut the deficit in half, he has overseen four straight years of trillion-dollar deficits. Those aren’t the only promises the president has failed to keep, Americans are still waiting for energy independence, reduced regulations and a health care law that actually lowers premiums.

“With a $16.4 trillion debt and unemployment expected to hover around eight percent over the next year, Americans need more than rhetoric from the president. We cannot afford to keep reliving the same failed promises of the past.”


George Holding

George Holding

N.C. 13th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3032

Statement excerpt: "We heard the president say a lot last night. He has a plan for retreat in Afghanistan, a plan for an aggressive new social agenda and a laundry list of new government programs he’d like to create. But what we didn’t hear from the President was a plan to create high paying jobs for the half a million North Carolinians still looking for full time work. What we didn’t hear was a plan to restore life to the housing market, which has slowed the recovery and put the financial security of millions of Americans at jeopardy. Most concerning of all, after four years in office and $6 trillion in new debt, the president has yet again failed to present a tangible plan to wean the government off its addiction to deficit spending.

"Instead, the president asked us to actually increase spending. Rather than looking for places where government can be more efficient, the president wants Congress to replace planned spending cuts with new taxes, what he calls “a balanced approach.” Well, that’s what they may call it in Washington, but in North Carolina we call it what it is – the same tax-and-spend policies that big-government types have been pushing for decades. They haven’t worked in the past and won’t work in the future."