NC senator-elect: Obama's immigration acts 'set us back'

Posted November 30, 2014

— State House Speaker Thom Tillis, the Republican U.S. senator-elect from North Carolina, spoke about immigration and the Islamic State during an appearance on CBS' "Face the Nation" this weekend. 

Along with Gary Peters, a Michigan Democrat who will move from the House to the Senate, Tillis fielded questions from host Norah O'Donnell as part of a panel looking forward to the new Congress that begins in January, in which Republicans will keep control of the House and take over the Senate.  

"The American people did not give Republicans a mandate, they gave us a chance," Tillis said when asked what North Carolina got for hosting what was the most expensive U.S. Senate campaign in the nation. 

Tillis said he believed Republicans and Democrats could work together on issues such as preserving and fostering manufacturing jobs.

While Tillis spoke about the need to cooperate with Democrats, he also said that he hoped President Barack Obama would compromise as well, starting with his new nominee for secretary of Defense to succeed Chuck Hagel. 

"I hope that the president puts forth someone who will work for both sides," Tillis said. "I think it's a great opportunity for the president to identify a consensus nominee."

He added that the candidate should be someone who can serve "both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue." 

Tillis: President 'set us back' on immigration 

Both Tillis and Peters said they would back a new resolution authorizing force against the Islamic State, the group waging war in Iraq and Syria. 

"I think it would probably be wise," Tillis said. "That would be a show of good faith from the president, and it would give Congress confidence they are part of the process." 

On immigration, Tillis was less optimistic.

"I'm afraid that the president's unilateral action is going to set us back," he said, referring to Obama's administrative orders that will allow some immigrants without proper documents to stay in the United States.

Tillis added that he thought the nation had to take "credible steps" to seal the border before taking other action on immigration. 

But Peters said that, if Congress was unhappy with the president's action, the House should move forward with the immigration bill passed by the Senate this year, which won backing from both Republicans and Democrats. 

"Instead of wringing their hands about presidential action, the Congress needs to act," Peters said. 

Both Tillis and Peters are expected to be sworn in as members of the U.S. Senate on Jan. 14.


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  • Dolly Butler Dec 3, 2014
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    What about setting immigrants back? huh?

  • Jack Jones Dec 3, 2014
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    Thom ALEC Tillis his already received his marching orders from the Republican leadership. He won't listen to another word NC citizens ever say.

  • Grand Union Dec 3, 2014

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    Ah I see the mistake you are making.....Yes the house can pass any bill it likes and pass it on up to the Senate but if it has no chance of passing there and no chance whatsoever of passing a Presidential Veto then its simply a waste of time. All those 300 bills are just that, a waste of everyones time and so purely for the consumption of Naives like you.
    As regards budgets bills, why would a President trying to stimulate the economy consider any Bill that is less than the 2010 budget? If no new budget is passed the old one carries forward, its just as real as the new one that the GOP are trying to pass.
    So again the Tea party GOP pass budgets in the House they know cannot pass elsewhere, so again why waste time on them?
    Thats why Bills have to be Bi-Partisan.....like the Immigration Bill sitting waiting for a House vote...............

  • juliomercado Dec 2, 2014

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    At the end of the day obama, nor you can cry obstruction about anything. Senate leader Harry Reid has over 300 bills sitting dead on his desk including over 30 REAL BUDGET spending bills. The party of NO is the Democrats. As for congress dealing with immigration, according to the US Constitution, it is THEIR job, NOT the presidents to write law. Anyone that still defends a president that has gone 6 years without a REAL budget is of questionable intellect in my opinion. And no, I don't want to hear the party spin about Continuing Resolutions being a budget. They are not the same thing. There would be NO POTENTIAL for a shutdown, had obama, Reid, and Pelosi passed REAL budgets.

  • Objective Scientist Dec 2, 2014

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    Agreed! I'm a very VERY INDEPENDENT independent, and have been for decades. I truly "don't care" if the person or party that has a "good-great" proposal, plan, or bill is Democrat or Republican. What I care a great deal about is getting things done. I have no doubt that over the years one person/party has had a great idea... and the other party recognizes that it is a great idea - yet will not support it because they don't want the "other guys" to get the credit!!! With regard to all the caterwalling and stonewalling from the Republicans with regard to anything and everything Obama does or tries to do... put YOUR Health Care Plan on the table and pass it if you can. Likewise with immigration... put YOUR plan on the table, discuss it, debate it, vote on it... pass it if you can. Obama will either veto your bills or he will sign them into law. If it is a veto... go back to the drawing board and pass another bill!

  • Grand Union Dec 2, 2014

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    Well its "up to 3000" not 3000 and no doubt that can be fixed by EO if necessery.
    And of course would not be a problem at all if Congress would actually pass an immigration Bill........ones waiting for the House to take a vote right now.....

  • tmstubbs63 Dec 2, 2014

    Obama's plan for everything is predicated on how he can destroy a democratic republic and replace it with a Marxist/socialist empire....

  • Black HelicoptersNFood Insurance Dec 2, 2014

    GOP immigration plan: NOTHING
    GOP healthcare plan: NOTHING

    But they complain...

  • Danny22 Dec 2, 2014

    Obama has recently given many employers a 3,000.00 tax incentive to hire illegals. All of you vets and unemployed will be tickled to learn that you come second to illegals who crossed our border illegally. This was reported by the Washington T I M E S and many other outlets. The msm is hiding it from the "stupid"(Gruber's term) masses. And yes, American has been naïve to believe all the Obama lies.

  • Paul Maxwell Dec 2, 2014
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    Gork wins "Best Post of the Day".