NC NAACP calls for protests of GOP initiatives

Posted April 22, 2013

— One of North Carolina's top civil rights leaders urged residents on Monday to organize non-violent protests to bring attention to what he considers a Republican crusade against poor and minority residents.

William Barber of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People called for action against the GOP supermajority in the state legislature, but he did not announce specific plans to demonstrate against a voter identification bill expected Wednesday in the House.

The bill that would require voters to present photo identification at the polls is one of many Barber has attacked as part of a wider agenda targeting poor and minority voters. He also has criticized action against expanding Medicaid under federal health care reform, cutting unemployment benefits, ending the state's earned income tax credit, promoting charter schools and changing voting periods or adding new restrictions.

"When you look at the attack on the sick, the attack on the unemployed, the attacks on education, the attack on the incarcerated, the attack on fundamental voting rights and combine all of that together, we are at a crisis," Barber said.

While he said action might not come Wednesday, civil rights leaders are hopeful they can change some minds as they bring attention to broader issues of voting rights.

"If not, and looking at what's happened, we're looking very seriously at how the courts will be used ... how will our pulpits be used, how will we use voter registration, how will we use the gift of prayer, and yes, how will we use the moral stance of civil disobedience," he said.

The voter ID bill has passed two committees over the opposition of Democrats, who argue it adds new barriers to combat non-existent voter fraud. A 2011 effort to pass voter ID legislation was halted that year by the veto pen of then-Gov. Beverly Perdue. But Republicans now have the numbers to override a governor's check and Gov. Pat McCrory supports the new measure.


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  • Dnut Apr 24, 2013

    "how will our pulpits be used"

    Apparently, the separation of church and state only applies to what liberals and those afraid of minorities not voting for them want them to. If I'm not mistaken, some other church groups have had their status as a non-taxable entity threatened because of conducting politics from the pulpit?? But African American churches seem to be immune. Strange....
    April 22, 2013 5:14 p.m.
    >>>Now your getting the "BIG PICTURE". They've been doing it since the 60's, but you let a Church that's predominantly white say something political and it leak out....Big Brother's getting a drop note in the box, and coming for that non profit..

  • kermit60 Apr 24, 2013

    Attack on the incarcerated? Are you kidding? How can anyone possibly take this guy seriously?

  • bmac813 Apr 23, 2013

    teleman60, Democrats raise Taxes on The Rich and Than the Rich pass them on Down to Us when we Buy their Good's and Services.
    Go Grocery Shopping one time and see how much a Box of Cereal Cost, Or a half Gallon of Milk Cost.
    You see when the GOP gets in They Lower Taxes and HAVE YOU EVER SEEN BUSINESS LOWER PRICES.
    LOOK Yooo Yooo They got us Both ways.
    The only Thing is the Democrats give it to people who don't pay into the System, Fight That not because someone Works hard and got Rich because of it.
    Do Me a Favor and Start a Business, I payed in over ONE MILLION DOLLARs into Social Security and now I am Collecting it, I am TAXED on It, A Tax on top of a Tax, Thank Bill Clinton and the Democrats of the Early 90's, BUT THEIR DEMOCRATS, SHHHHHHHHHHH

  • bmac813 Apr 23, 2013

    pelosi-rulz, I have been asking the same Question. More Black Babies are aborted every year But Not a word from The Black Leadership.
    But the Most Reverand barber Supports People who support Abortion's.Amazing, But He's a Democrat,SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Ex-Republican Apr 23, 2013

    "Did they oppose the Republican led introduction and passage of the 1964 Voting Rights Act that their favorites (Democrats) fought tooth and nail to defeat?" --- anonemoose

    Excellent question and observation.

  • beaupeep Apr 23, 2013

    Why is Barber so against his followers getting ID's?

  • anonemoose Apr 23, 2013

    Did they oppose the Republican led introduction and passage of the 1964 Voting Rights Act that their favorites (Democrats) fought tooth and nail to defeat?

  • injameswetrust2003 Apr 23, 2013

    It's amusing how the liberal news organizations and the liberal NAACP scratch each othes' backs to promote each others' agendas.

  • pelosi-rulz Apr 23, 2013

    Yeah we have a abortion doctor killing little black babies after they survived abortion attempts and no marches.no protest, not a peep out of the naacp or sharpton or jackson.

    Now they want to complain about the gop and that is important?

    Totally disgusting.

  • Boylan Apr 23, 2013

    "Welcome to republican world where all the legislation is centered around depressing the vote, cutting taxes for the rich and corporations, breaking state contracts, obstructing healthcare, mandating divorce counseling, changing abortion laws, locking in gerrymandered districts, charging for new ID's, ..." teleman60

    I wish you would actually pay attention and you'd realize most of what you just posted is entirely false but the truth doesn;t agree with your arguments so you do what you do.