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Three $1M Powerball tickets sold in NC

Posted November 29, 2012
Updated November 30, 2012

— It might not be the $587.5 million jackpot, but three ticket holders in North Carolina are celebrating a million-dollar win after Wednesday night's Powerball drawing.

Les Rouse, of Kinston, and his son, Chris Rouse, of Winterville, were the first winners to come forward Thursday to claim their prize from their ticket, purchased from a Kangaroo Express in Kinston.

"I was eating breakfast this morning, and I looked at the numbers on my ticket, and it was unreal," Chris Rouse said. "I started shaking."

The Rouses, who work together on their family farm, each claimed a $500,000 prize. After taxes, they each got a check for $340,000. Chris Rouse said he plans to use his share of the winnings to help his wife pay for college and save for his children's future.

"Being a farmer, I have acquired quite a few bills," Leslie Rouse said. "This money will help take a lot off of us. I also have kids in school to take care of. The rest I'm going to invest and put away."

Alice Garland, executive director of the North Carolina Education Lottery, urged players Thursday to check their numbers closely since the Powerball game offers a variety of other significant prizes.

In addition to the three $1 million wins – tickets for the other two were sold in Kinston and Charlotte – North Carolina ticket holders won total prizes of $1.8 million, including 14 $10,000 prizes. Another 269,916 tickets are worth some other cash prize.

Garland said Powerball ticket sales in the state generated $44.3 million in revenue.

Of that, an estimated $16.8 million will go to education programs. By law, lottery funds pay for teachers’ salaries in grades K-3, school construction, need-based college scholarships and pre-kindergarten programs for at-risk 4-year-olds.

Powerball officials said Thursday that two tickets sold in Phoenix, Ariz., and Missouri match all six numbers in Wednesday night's drawing: 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and the Powerball number, 6.


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  • smegma Nov 30, 2012

    such a shame $340k is only enough to go towards college bills. what a shame. it's really nothing these days.

    congrats though! we could all use it (to pay bills too)

  • r u crazy too Nov 30, 2012

    goodness people: lottery payout is on the nc lottery page. 60% goes to prizes, 29 % goes to education, 7% goes to retailers, 4% goes to administration, advertising, and marketing.
    (looks like the real winners are the retail folks who sell tickets: the store gets 7 cents for every $1.00 ticket they sell.)

  • pappybigtuna1 Nov 30, 2012

    I WON! yep, 'cept my dog ate the ticket, wonder if they can scan her to get the winning ticket or does nature have to run its course

    Going to give it to the wealthy, looks like they are the only ones that are going to loose everything

  • piene2 Nov 30, 2012

    "Let's look at the math. $44.3 million in sales, but only $16.8 million went to education. What happened to the other $27.5 million?

    Have you heard that there are monetary prizes awarded and operating expenses as well?

  • Mobile Geek Nov 29, 2012

    So I guess this means the poor are paying their fair share now?

  • we-r-just-human Nov 29, 2012

    I "won" $3(lost $7, bought 5 tickets) I'll get them next time....

  • Luv2Camp Nov 29, 2012

    Those lottery workers sure must be good accountants for $27.5 million!!!!!

  • Luv2Camp Nov 29, 2012

    Let's look at the math. $44.3 million in sales, but only $16.8 million went to education. What happened to the other $27.5 million?

  • wayneboyd Nov 29, 2012

    Better spend it before Obamatax goes into effect!

  • wildpig777 Nov 29, 2012

    i had a winning ticket to but it blew outta my hand....