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NC farms donate extra produce to those in need

Posted May 28, 2014

— This time of year, farmer’s markets are full of fresh, local produce. But for everything that makes it to market, a lot goes to waste.

That’s why some farms invite volunteers to come and pick the extra produce for distribution to those in need.

Iseley Farms in Burlington is a haven for all kinds of agencies that glean farmers’ fields of produce they can’t sell.

Rebecca Page, a member of the Society of St. Andrew, says her group donates all the produce it collects to agencies that help people in need.

“You find some good stuff,” volunteer Tim Bowman said. “I can’t believe people leave this stuff behind.”

The strawberries came in early this season at Iseley. The you-pick-it farm is busy on the weekends, so a lot of the berries rot in the field during the week.

“Not only is fresh food supposedly more nutritious, but it’s a treat,” Page said. “It’s delicious.”

Workers from Raleigh’s Charles River Labs are volunteering their time to pick the leftover fruit.

“It makes you feel good,” Bowman said. “Makes you want to do it again.”

In one day, volunteers saved 390 pounds of strawberries. Most of the fruit went to the Interfaith Food Shuttle and Urban Ministries in Durham. Other church groups distributed the rest.

“It has to be making an impact,” Page said. “It’s a lot of food that people are able to eat that they otherwise would not be able to eat.”

To join the effort, visit Society of St. Andrew’s website.


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  • cpdtg May 29, 2014

    we need more of this nice to see something like this going on

  • poohpiglet69 May 29, 2014

    @ITLSSS - why so negative - there are lots of people who can't go get it for themselves - elderly, children, disabled. Why so bent on being negative?

    And for DANNY22, some people can't grow there own - so while it would be great to give them seeds - won't work for everyone

  • iopsyc May 29, 2014

    Every silver lining has a cloud, according to danny22 and itlsss.

  • 50s Child May 29, 2014

    How many of the volunteers were older retired people, and how many of "the needy" are young, idle, and able-bodied?

    As the saying goes, "No photos?"

  • Confucius say May 29, 2014

    Good deal...neighbors helping neighbors without relying on the government. Let's hope the government doesn't levy some kind of tax on this. Somebody's benefiting from this so I expect the government to have their hand out.