NC elections officials prepared to crack down on misinformation

Posted November 5, 2012

— As months of vigorous campaigning comes to a close with Tuesday's elections, state officials said they won't hesitate to call police and pursue criminal charges against anyone who goes overboard on electioneering.

Gary Bartlett, executive director of the State Board of Elections, called the 2012 election one of the worst he's ever seen in terms of misinformation spread by political parties and campaigns to discourage voting by opposition supporters.

"There are a lot of just plain outright lies going out to the electorate," Bartlett said Monday.

Early voting lines 'Outright lies' no longer limited to campaign ads

Someone is calling voters offering free iPhones if they vote Wednesday instead of Tuesday. Others have told voters that any ballots cast at an early voting site won't count.

Such misinformation is considered misdemeanor voter fraud, but Bartlett said problems have gone beyond that.

"We have had one-stop sites where just outside the one-stop areas fights would take place," he said.

The state chapter of the NAACP on Monday called on state and federal leaders to protect voters. The request came after someone spotted an open-air trailer near an early polling site in Goldsboro with President Barack Obama and other elected officials hung in effigy.

"It's important in North Carolina we understand how serious this is," said Rev. William Barber, state NAACP president.

Bartlett said letters have been sent out to all 100 county elections offices, instructing them to police the election lines on Tuesday to ensure voting is smooth and peaceful.

"The worst of us is coming out. They should save their message for the ballot box," he said.


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  • commonsense4 Nov 7, 2012

    Typical Republicans. If they can't win fair, they will do anything to win. Cheat, rig voting machines, spread misinformation that can't be traced. It started with Rove during GW's governor's race against Ann Richards. They sent out flyers say crime has gone up under Ann Richards, and they were all lies - Crime had taken a big drop, but the world's biggest propaganda machine won this time.

    If you are not extremely wealthy and voted for Romney you should get a lobotomy!

  • miseem Nov 6, 2012

    georgerab2010 -amazing that you criticize someone else for being full of HATE. Just in the two most recent of your rants, you have called Obama a divider, liar, socialist, cheater, thief who practices voter fraud. Then you end up with the ststement "democrat and truth now that is an oxymoron" Don't think I recall Grand Union using such language. Yet you obviously don't see the hypocracy in your statements.

  • georgerab2010 Nov 6, 2012

    Grand Union you sound so full of HATE and dripping of sarcasm. I have never seen a president divide a nation like this before and it will not change if he is re-elected, things will only get worse... Socialism is a failed system. 25% unemployment in Spain...I honestly think that Grand Union hates republicans more than he hates communists and Sharia law.

  • georgerab2010 Nov 6, 2012

    Elections officials in the State of NC the worst voter fraud in his tenure...Thank you Prez O!

  • georgerab2010 Nov 6, 2012

    GrandUnion is right with all the Voter Fraud in our state and around the country, President Romneny will need to win reallly big to undo all the illegal voting. It just another Chicago style election from the the admin who lies, cheats and steals. Hey did you google the GM lies that David Letterman uncovered about our Prez who doesn't like to talk about his record yet makes up lies about others. BTW...the stance on Romney/Ryan is the same on abortion. So spin that one too! A democrat and the truth now that is an oxymoron! (Sp)

  • ctya Nov 6, 2012

    North Carolina Home you must be in that 53%. I think Romney has caused more division in a matter of weeks than you can say President Obama has in all of his years as President. Team Obana

  • lb27608 Nov 6, 2012

    "I am very glad that President Romney is going to restore the pride in America that has been so absent the last four years under Obama. "

    You are destined to be very disappointed come tomorrow morning.

  • Grand Union Nov 6, 2012

    "Simply, President Romney will be presidential."

    Doesn't he have to win first?

  • batcave Nov 6, 2012

    "The NAACP seems so concerned about voter issues that could happen yet their people"

    "their people"???? is this the 1950s????

    Hence , the name NAACP , you don't what it stands for? Grand Union

  • batcave Nov 6, 2012

    "their people"???? is this the 1950s????

    Uh yes , explain the Black Caucus. get a clue.