NC DENR: Triangle, Triad motorists saved about $18M in gas costs this summer

Posted October 1, 2014

— Drivers and businesses in the Triangle and Triad saw an average savings of about 7 cents per gallon at the gas pumps this summer, as a result of a rule change by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

DENR said Wednesday that relaxing the rule resulted in a cost savings of more than $18 million in the two metro areas from June 1 to Sept. 15.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations have required gasoline in the two regions to be formulated differently to reduce ground-level ozone.

Costs associated with the change were passed on to retailers, resulting in higher gas prices during the summer months.

DENR, however, earlier this year, used air quality data to convince the EPA that the change had an insignificant impact on air quality.

The EPA permanently dropped the regulation in May – a move that resulted in the lower gas prices.

The savings to gasoline service stations in the counties affected by the relaxation of the fuel requirement is substantial, says Sheila Holman, director of the North Carolina Division of Air Quality.

“The EPA approval to change the summertime gasoline standard in the Triangle and Triad saves consumers and businesses money while having no impact on air quality,” Holman said.


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  • Paul Edwards Oct 1, 2014
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    OK. Now lets get the ethanol out of gasoline. Most engines don't like that stuff and get worse gas mileage with it.

  • Paul Donovan Oct 1, 2014
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    How about telling us how much these same motorists paid extra during the years the EPA enforced this non scientifically proven rule ? When did this rule go into effect ?

  • USMC Vet Oct 1, 2014

    No thanks to our state government, with gas taxes higher than in states surrounding it, while leaving us little to nothing to show for those high gas taxes.

  • slugolicious Oct 1, 2014

    I paid $3.11 in Fuquay yesterday. Seemed reasonable to me, but then maybe other states have it much lower.

  • iopsyc Oct 1, 2014

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    Not sure why you think that, Maine, New York, and Connecticut all have higher average gasoline prices than NC.

  • Close-minded libs Oct 1, 2014

    This saying ethanol additive was not used during that period? I would love to see if this increased mpg's as well.

  • glarg Oct 1, 2014

    DENR, however, earlier this year, used air quality data to convince the EPA that the change had an insignificant impact on air quality.

  • TimeWillTell Oct 1, 2014

    Just returned from a trip "up north." Left Raleigh with just enough gas to get to Virginia, where gas is 35-40 cents per gallon cheaper than in NC and the cost differential between regular-midgrade-premium grades is about half what it is here.

    Savings indeed.

  • armyLT0620 Oct 1, 2014

    That's funny, I never saw any decrease in gas prices...

  • NiceNSmooth Oct 1, 2014

    but we still pay more than anyone on the east coast