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NC delegation reaction to immigration reform plan

Posted January 28, 2013
Updated January 29, 2013

A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators has begun laying the foundation for an immigration reform effort.

WRAL News asked the two senators and 13 U.S. House members who represent North Carolina in Congress the following by email at 11:30 a.m. Monday morning:

  • The Associated Press reports the bipartisan group of Senators would like to create a “path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already here, contingent upon securing the border and better tracking of people here on visas.” Is this something that you would or could support?
  • Is there any special allowance that should be made for those brought here when they were young children?
  • What would you consider critical in any immigration reform bill? In other words, what would the bill need to include in order to have your support?

Their answers are below. If there is no answer under a lawmaker's name, they have not responded as of this time. WRAL News will update answers we get on the issue through this week. 



U.S. Sen. Richard Burr (small)

Richard Burr

U.S. Senate

Phone: 202-224-3154

Answer: From Burr Spokesman David Ward: “Senator Burr has long said that we need to reform our nation's immigration laws, but the proposal outlined today is just that - a proposal. Senator Burr will review the details and will work with his colleagues in the Senate in hopes of reaching the kind of deal that will benefit our nation and the American people.”

U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan

Kay Hagan

U.S. Senate

Phone: 202-224-6342

Answer: No answer yet.

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers (official portrait)

Renee Ellmers

N.C. 2nd Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-4531

Answer: "We have known for some time that meaningful immigration policy has been needed. Therefore I am excited to know that we are very close to having a bipartisan plan of action. But until we see any legislative language to accompany these reports, any comment would be pure speculation and have no use in these important discussions. It is imperative that we balance our immigration policies with a focused approach that allows our government to adequately secure our borders while accounting for who is entering our country and what their purposes are. But as we provide for this protection, we must also find a solution that allows hard working people in this country to contribute to our economy and earn the opportunity to achieve the American Dream."

G.K. Butterfield (small)

G.K. Butterfield

N.C. 1st Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3101

Answer: "“Reforms to our nation's immigration system are critical. For far too long, immigration reform has been kicked down the road -- never to be dealt with but always demanding action. I am pleased that finally there appears to be broad bipartisan support to address immigration in a comprehensive and serious way. I look forward to weighing its merits once the bill has been drafted.”

Walter Jones (small)

Walter Jones

N.C. 3rd Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3415

Answer: No answer yet.

Congressman David Price

David Price

N.C. 4th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-1784

Answer: No answer yet. 

U.S. Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-District 5

Virginia Foxx

N.C. 5th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-2071

Answer: “Our country’s immigration system is broken and badly burdening taxpayers. The first step to reform has to be securing our porous borders once and for all. Until actual legislation is made available, I cannot pass judgment on fluid, on-going deliberations among Senators. But it is my hope to see common-sense immigration reform accomplished through bipartisan collaboration that rewards those who, for years, have been obeying the rule of law as they wait for a shot at the American Dream.”

Rep. Mike McIntyre

Mike McIntyre

N.C. 7th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-2731

Answer: No answer yet.

Howard Coble (small)

Howard Coble

N.C. 6th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3065

Answer: “For many years, I have maintained that we need comprehensive immigration reform that includes securing the border, implementing an effective guest worker program, and addressing the situation of illegal aliens already in the United States without granting amnesty. I am willing to look at any and all proposals that will be put before us. As a senior member of the House Judiciary committee, I am sure that we will review serious immigration reform this year.”

Mel Watt

Mel Watt

N.C. 12th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-1510

Answer: No answer yet.

Richard Hudson (small)

Richard Hudson

N.C. 8th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3715

Answer: “Reforming our broken and inefficient immigration system is necessary for economic growth and a secure homeland. I am encouraged that a bipartisan group of Senators has put forward a proposal that will jumpstart a much-needed discussion; however, I need to see details in a bill to determine if it strengthens our borders and includes assurances that undocumented immigrants will not receive public benefits. I strongly believe first and foremost that our top priority needs to be achieving operational control of the border. Once that is successfully achieved, the next step of reform is putting a comprehensive system in place to identify immigrants that employers need for critical industries like agriculture that are the backbone of North Carolina’s economy. What I will not support is a plan that puts illegal immigrants in line ahead of those who have abided by our legal process.”


Robert Pittenger (small)

Robert Pittenger

N.C. 9th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-1976

Answer: No answer yet.


Patrick McHenry (small)

Patrick McHenry

N.C. 10th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-2576

Answer: “This kind of backroom deal making has been tried by a small group of Senators in the past. The American people deserve an open and fair legislative process, not more deals cut behind closed doors. I’ll reserve judgment until legislation makes its way through our committee process and I continue to believe that any sensible immigration reform must start with securing our borders.”


Mark Meadows (small)

Mark Meadows

N.C. 11th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-6401

Answer: No answer yet.


George Holding (small)

George Holding

N.C. 13th Congressional District

Phone: 202-225-3032

Answer: “I look forward to reviewing the details of the Senate proposal when it is eventually introduced as a bill. The American people know that our immigration system is broken and needs reform, and I look forward to contributing to a workable solution. The President has spent five years making political hay out of this issue while failing to put forward an alternative plan, and I applaud Chairman Goodlatte for scheduling a hearing on this important topic.”