NC can't guarantee online exams will work

Posted May 28, 2014

State officials are warning school districts about technical problems they may face with upcoming online exams. Hundreds of thousands of students may have to go back to paper and pencil for their final exams this month.

State education officials say they can't guarantee their computer system will be able to handle the Career and Technical Education exams. The issue would affect about 350,000 students.

Jo Anne Honeycutt is the CTE director for the state's Department of Public Instruction. She says the online system has trouble handling large amounts of students at one time.

"Especially when many of our exams have lots of graphics," she says. "We're going to get it right, but we just have not had time to do that this testing cycle."

The system malfunctioned during winter exams in January. While the state doesn't have official numbers yet, Honeycutt says many students didn't complete the tests.

This report first appeared on WUNC/North Carolina Public Radio as part of their education coverage.

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  • Rod Runner May 29, 2014
    user avatar

    So they can't load test this ahead of time?

    Or make sure that different groups of schools schedule at different times?

    Seems pretty ridiculous that you'd create an online exam system and not have it scaled up to support the number of students that take the exams.

    I simply don't get it.

    If you don't have the capability, don't do it.

    Some students had to retake exams in January because the system didn't work. They took the entire exam and had to take it again, that's just not right, and not efficient, and a waste of time for everyone involved.

    And apparently, no one is being held accountable.

    They obviously had a deadline to meet in making online exams available and just released it with no testing. That's apparent from the "We're going to get it right, but we didn't have time" quote in the article.