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NC 'Booze It & Lose It' crackdown begins Friday

Posted August 19, 2011

— State and local law enforcement officers are beginning their "Booze It & Lose It" campaign Friday to remove impaired drivers from North Carolina roads.

Checkpoints and increased patrols will last through Sept. 5.

In 2010, there were 500 alcohol-related crashes in North Carolina during the campaign, which resulted in 20 fatalities and 395 injuries.

Officers charged more than 3,200 North Carolina drivers with driving while impaired during last year's campaign. More than 11,000 patrols and checkpoints were conducted during that time.


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  • Timtooltime Aug 19, 2011

    Well where is you stance on the Franklin county issues ??? Hummmmmmmmmm ? I am an honest law enforcer here to protect my own intrest ! Please get a Job in D.C. !!!!!!!! I have seen the effects of deaths by DUI's And chases that result from them !!!!!!! God Bless This County ! Good luck to Our srvicemen and women who protect our Country from ?????? From a Military family and am a Native AMERICAN !!! Speak now !!!!

  • calsnana6 Aug 19, 2011

    Timtooltime you have your facts WRONG !!!. If you have ever seen a teenager or anyone mangled and DEAD in a vehicle. The Drunk Driver is standing along the sidelines, YOU may chang your way of thinking. There are bad apples in every agency but the officers out there keeping the highways safe for the motoring public should get a pat on the back. Most if the officers out at a checkpoint are there ON THIER OWN TIME!!!!!
    I do hope you never have to experience the tragedy of losing a loved one because of a DRUNK DRIVER !!!!! Just saying

  • Timtooltime Aug 19, 2011

    Nc Booze it and make money for all their county, State prosecutors and lawyers that support campaign funds ! You are all crooks !

  • Timtooltime Aug 19, 2011

    Geico insurance company gives LAW ENFORCEMENT money to buy radars and other equipment to Bust YOU so they can RAISE YOUR Insurance rates ! I have no more respect for Law Enforcement than i do for Washington letting Illegalls have more rights than a Native AMERICAN !

  • ABar Aug 19, 2011

    Why do we announce when it is going to happen? Why don't we just hear about who got caught after the fact? Why give someone warning?

  • Timtooltime Aug 19, 2011

    I have lost my RESPECT for YOUR so called LAW Enforcement when The top Cop in my County can steal more than 250,000 Dollars that they took off of Drug dealers ! Franklin County home of the biggest pot growers in the State ! P.S. You want me to respect these Laws ! NOT !

  • shawnwilliams159 Aug 19, 2011

    License and Registration please.......(insert German accent)

  • Timtooltime Aug 19, 2011

    Beware the so called law enforcement in Franklin County has a car with John deer in pink on the front of their so called LAW Enforcement Mustang ! It is all about the MONEY ! Right Mr. Green !

  • Bring on the 4 Dollar Gas Aug 19, 2011


  • Hater like Darth Vader Aug 19, 2011

    "In Clayton the cops hang out in the bar parking lots or with in view. Then they can pull you for whatever reason. They can do a sobriety test and if you pass they simply let you go...no harm no foul.. no accountability on thier part" -Really Big Yawn

    I agree. I've been pulled on 42 before on my motorcycle (it's loud, I admit) and the cop even agreed with me that he pulled me over simply because I was on a motorcycle after dark. Long story short, I had to go through the stupid "strong odor of alcohol" speach and looking at the light so that he could find out that I had in fact had a single beer right before jumping on the motorcycle. It probably took 15 minutes of my time for nothing. But he did apologize, which I respect. But it seems like they just pull in Clayton to have something to do, they surely troll the bars.