Nash-Rocky Mount schools implement new security measures

Posted August 27, 2013

— Nash-Rocky Mount Public Schools has spent $500,000 on upgrades to the district's schools in an effort to make them safer.

Beginning with this school year, visitors must present an ID and alert the main office at the front entrance. Once inside, they sign in, are photographed and given a visitor's badge with their name printed on it that they must wear while on campus.

Nash-Rocky Mount school officials say the changes are one more layer of protection for students and school employees.

"The days of having open access, soft targets, are not over," Associate Superintendent Eric Cunningham said. "We wouldn't allow people to come into our home without first ringing the doorbell."

Other security upgrades are also planned, including fortifying the doors and requiring staff members to wear ID badges.

Parents like Savannah Speight, whose child is in second grade at Winstead Avenue Elementary in Rocky Mount, say they are pleased to know about the changes, especially in light of recent school violence like the Dec. 14 shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in which 26 students and school employees were among those killed in a shooting rampage.

"All the killings and shootings that have happened at the other schools, I'd hate for anybody to just walk up in here and do the same thing," Speight said.


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  • makemyday Aug 28, 2013

    how in the world are people going to get an ID?

  • wakewiseone Aug 28, 2013

    i grew up in rocky mount also......graduated from high school a year or so before the blackbirds got exiled and the gryphons took over.

    rocky mount has become a really rough place to live and work. and i dont care how much $$ you dump into the douglas block, it aint gonna get no better.

  • wakewiseone Aug 28, 2013

    i wonder if the school system will accept a voter photo id as a from of identification to gain entry to the schools.

    uh oh.......i guess if someone doesnt have a photo id, they wont be able to enter to see or confer with their child. that ll likely be a big problem.

    btw......seems like to me that a bigger deal is being made of this so called security system than it is worth. does anyone really think a perp is going to go to the office, sign in, and get a visitors badge before wandering around the school??

    god.......people are stoopid !!!

  • LovemyPirates Aug 28, 2013

    cbuckyoung - I grew up in Rocky Mount and have family who still live there. About 2 months ago, I decided to ride through the area where my family lived and could hardly believe what I saw. What was a relative's home is now boarded up. The house in which my family lived has bars on the windows. Many homes on the street where we lived were boarded up. My family who still live there have had items stolen from under their car port including food from a freezer. They have bars on their windows and the most secure alarm system I've ever seen. I mentioned to someone I also planned to visit the grave sites of several family members who are buried in Pineview Cemetery and was told to not go alone and to always have a male with me and to never go there at dusk as it wasn't safe. When it becomes dangerous to visit a graveyard without "protection" thinks have gotten a bit out of hand. When I tell people I grew up in Rocky Mount people look at me as I'd said I grew up in Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • cbuckyoung Aug 28, 2013

    Nauti-dog, and you know this about Rocky Mount again why? You post that you have not lived in Rocky Mount for at least 10 years. You are the one who is bitter per your statement, "I don't live in RM or Raleigh anymore. Don't miss either." Neither misses you based on your wildly incorrect rant. Once again, Rocky Mount is a very fine place to live. I am glad to call it home. I logically and clearly pointed out why it is a fine place to live and compared it to congested, overpriced other places. And, I am glad that WRAL has put something positive on the web about our great town.

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Aug 28, 2013

    @cbuckyoung, forgot to add. Wake COunty has 25,000 more BUS RIDING students than RM has people. You're comparing apples to oranges there

  • HANS FOR PRESIDENT!!!!! JK Aug 28, 2013

    @cbuckyoung, Don't know why you're so mad. I lived in Rocky Mount the first 25 years of my life, Raleigh area the next 10. It has gone downhill, terribly. NC Wesleyan is so far north I'm surprised it's still considered RM. Downtown is far from redone. Mains St is still a ghost town. A movie ticket should cost less there, it's not as nice. Golden East Mall is ridiculous. You don't have a 2 hour commute (exaggerate much?) anywhere because there's nothing to do there because business won't come. Taxes? May be cheaper in RM but ask any RM resident paying 500-900 dollar utility bills in a single family home and see if taxes are their main concern. Stinks that you get offended so easily but RM pretty much stinks too. I don't live in RM or Raleigh anymore. Don't miss either

  • superman Aug 28, 2013

    fWho would want a job as an armed secuity guard in a school. Should there be trouble that person is going to be the first target. The security guard could wear an orange jacket so that they be easily identified. 500K might would hire 10 people. And then there is always the option that the person just simply walks in a back door.

  • cbuckyoung Aug 28, 2013

    And NC Native11 and 2thec, you know about Rocky Mount how? Rocky Mount is doing many great things. It has redone the entire downtown. NC Wesleyan College hosted all the USA South spring athletic tournaments in 2013. We have a brand new Rocky Mount Senior High with one of the best IB programs in the nation. A movie ticket cost about $3 less than in Raleigh and don't even start on Wake County taxes verses ours. Our new train station-public transportation complex downtown is beautiful and functional. We have a downtown summer music and movie series. We DON'T have a two hour commute to go five-miles like Raleigh, Greensboro, et al. We DON'T have a school board like Wake County's with political infighting that boggles the imagination. Every place has its good and bad things. Rocky Mount is no different.

  • btneast Aug 28, 2013

    It needs parents that don't let their kids walk the streets. It needs a city council that cares about the drug problem

    If you could get the first sentence to work, it would take care of the second sentence.