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Nash deputy involved in wreck

Posted March 24, 2011

— A Nash County deputy was involved in a wreck late Wednesday, state troopers said.

Deputy Charles Baker was on his way to provide assistance for a shots fired call on Driver Road in Middlesex when he lost control of his cruiser on N.C. Highway 97, near N.C. Highway 581 south of Spring Hope, Sheriff Dick Jenkins said.

The car hit a utility pole, snapping the pole in half, which forced troopers to reroute traffic until the pole could be repaired and the highway cleared.

Baker was at Nash General Hospital Thursday morning, but his condition was unknown. A K-9 in the car with him at the time wasn't injured.

Jenkins said Deputy Ray Lynch, whom Baker was trying to assist, was recuperating at home after suffering a shoulder injury and a bite wound in a confrontation with suspects in the shots fired call.


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  • CommonSenseisnotsocommon Mar 25, 2011

    ashlynclayrnbsn - I couldn't agree more!!

  • ashlynclayrnbsn Mar 25, 2011

    I am disgusted by these ignorant and ungrateful comments. This officer puts his life on the line to protect us everyday. He is lucky to be alive and I am thankful he is in good condition. And by the way, he has also served our country in the military. He was doing his job! Instead of pointing fingers at him, what about the individuals who caused the trouble in the first place!? Would anyone here take their sweet time to get to their partner or friend who was in immediate danger? Maybe next time one of you calls for help, the person responding will drive 35mph to get to you. Thank you to Baker and others who serve and protect! I wish you a quick recovery.

  • fairytodragon699 Mar 24, 2011

    You said it! Has anyone stopped to say thanks to any of LEO that works everyday to keep us safe. We now have two that could have lost their lives last night and are hurt. Thanks to both Baker and Lynch for all you do in NCSO! We love you both and hope you are well and back with us soon!

  • carolinabrat91 Mar 24, 2011

    I honestly cannot even believe the comments that I am seeing right now. I cannot believe that people are talking about the fact that this officer didn't make it to a call and was 'of no help'. Has it crossed your ignorant, accusing, self-righteous brain that there was a deputy hurt, while on the way to keep people like you and me safe? has the fact that it was storming in nash county last night entered your thoughts? has the fact that there is a man, who might very well be paralyzed for the rest of his life, who was doing his job, keeping us safe, entered your mind? or are you too busy looking for something to sit around and complain about? I really can't believe how cruel some of you are being. this saddens me very much.

  • Journey985 Mar 24, 2011

    "You're completely missing his point, which he carefully spelled out. The officer DIDN'T make it to the scene, and therefore, didn't help anyone." - Thank you Hans...at least someone out there besides you and Superdad can read!!!

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Mar 24, 2011

    We are all human and liable to make mistakes. Whether you are man/woman of uniform or just a regular civilian -- trying to help people where you can is what's important. It stinks that he wrecked, and it may have caused a big distraction from the initial problem; but I'm sure he's not gloating about this incident. Who would? All you can do is learn from it and move on. Hopefully he will have better judgement with his driving skills next time whether rain, snow, sleet or shine!

  • Journey985 Mar 24, 2011

    Superdad142, I can see your point, and appreciate your post, and in my first post I did say that I hoped that he was ok and that I do not wish ANY LEO's harm. But that was lost because people only read and see what they want to. My point was this is not the first time an officer has wrecked while responding to another officers call for help. And while I understand the need to get that help to the officer as quickly as possible, it does him no good to crash on the way there. As i stated, it takes additional resources away for the actual call for help and does no one any good. But thank you again for seeing my other points.

  • Hans Mar 24, 2011

    "Whats the difference in a officer "speeding" to a call, and a fire truck "speeding" to your house when it is on fire?? Or are you saying that when somebody breaks in your house and has a gun to your head you would like for the officers to just get there whenever, run the posted speed limit, and stop at all lights?!?!?" - ummyeh

    You're completely missing his point, which he carefully spelled out. The officer DIDN'T make it to the scene, and therefore, didn't help anyone.

  • Journey985 Mar 24, 2011

    For those of you that are so quick to use the word IGNORANT, perhaps you should understand the meaning before you use it: •unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge; "he was completely ignorant of the circumstances"; "an unknowledgeable assistant"; In this case I am NOT unaware of the circumstances, an officer needed help, this one was responding and he WRECKED because he did not allow for the road conditions, as such he was UNABLE to assist and caused other officers to respond to his accident instead...so please explain how this makes me ignorant. Regarding the rest of my comments...I have the right to ask for accountability as do the rest of you.

  • 4Just-ice2 Mar 24, 2011

    Baker is a good cop and a good man. I hope for your speedy recovery