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Nash County man charged with murder

Posted July 27, 2011

— A 21-year-old Nash County man was found dead, according to the sheriff's office, and another man is charged with murder in the case.

Deputies were called to a home on White Oak Hill Road in Bailey Monday about a possible assault. During a follow-up investigation, they learned that Michael Dale Morrisette Jr. was missing and had not been seen or heard from since Monday.

Authorities found Morrisette's body in a wooded area behind the home. The cause of his death was not released.

Trey Lee Emerson, 21, of Bailey, is charged with first-degree murder. He was custody in Wednesday in Norfolk, Va. No other information was released.


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  • ss4540 Jul 29, 2011

    I have known Trey since he was a baby he was such a good kid I dont know all the details yet but I have been sending prayers to Trey and his family,the victims and there family.This is just heartbreaking.

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 27, 2011

    "Why are there so many killings!" It's the heat.
    "I don't know What You were Thinking Treys"
    I really don't think he will get to read this in jail, but then what do I know.

  • randyedge Jul 27, 2011

    I don't know What You were Thinking Trey, I Wish You had Sought out Someone to Talk To, I thought You were Excited about Your New Job at Walmart and doing Good, Only You know what happened and I know it was Very Wrong what You did, But You and Your Family will be in My Prayers as Well as The Victim and His Family! What a Tragedy Both Families Will have to Deal with for Coming Days, months, and Years! God Bless All!!!

  • isitjustmebut Jul 27, 2011

    In custody in VA....

  • melissaandamy Jul 27, 2011

    I realize that proofreading should be essential for a journalist, but really, so what? It isn't like you could not understand the article. I think that some of you are just bitter wanna-be reporters, so you just want to attack people who actually get paid to do the job. I doubt any of you would be able to put the story out perfectly either. Remember, they are all trying to get the news available as soon as possible, and no, all of the facts are not there, but that is because there are so many people who are too impatient to wait for all the facts. If they were late with the story, you would complain about that too. If you hate this website so much, why don't you get your news from another one? It isn't like this is the only new website in the Raleigh area.

  • u stand corrected Jul 27, 2011

    So sad.

  • DaisyMae Jul 27, 2011

    Why are there so many killings!

  • jennsulli2000 Jul 27, 2011

    Yes they did waist time catching the killer! When the girl he assaulted yesterday came forward and said her brother was missing and the guy had assaulted her and left...they let it go said there was nothing they could do! Wasn't till 2 days later they even found the boy dead! I feel sorry for the family...This is horrible. I know the family personally and I can tell you this is a tradgic loss!

  • buford Jul 27, 2011

    Sadly, I think proofreading has become a thing of the past. It's sad because professional media types are among the worst offenders. - s.wake.co

    They are just too quick to get out information with very little details...it's been happening a lot here...

  • s.wake.co Jul 27, 2011

    I have no knowledge of the circumstances of this young man's murder, but I grieve for his loved ones.