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Nash County deputy shoots suspect in leg

Posted April 28, 2009
Updated April 29, 2009

— An investigation was under way Tuesday evening following a deputy-involved shooting at a home in Bailey.

SBI to probe deputy-involved shooting SBI to probe deputy-involved shooting

It happened at about 8:30 p.m. on Deans Street, near U.S. 264, after a Bailey police officer responded to a disturbance call.

The officer requested backup from three sheriff''s deputies. An altercation ensued, and a deputy fired his gun when the suspect showed a knife, Nash County Sheriff Dick Jenkins said. The deputy's name was withheld.

"There was a danger to the officers, and it probably could have been a lot worse," Jenkins said.

The suspect was shot in the leg. Paramedics transported the victim to Wilson Medical Center. The person's name was not released.

The State Bureau of Investigation was called to probe the shooting, which is standard procedure whenever a law-enforcement officer is involved in a shooting.

Anyone with information about the shooting is asked to call the Nash County Sheriff's Office at 252-459-1556.


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  • bluebird1075 Apr 29, 2009

    I'll leave the investigation to the officials. I'm sure the actions taken were justified.

  • oldfirehorse Apr 29, 2009

    bluebird1075~ Just a bit of humor there (perhaps misplaced), but no intent to vilify the Deputy. He was certainly faced with one of the most difficult decisions an officer needs to make. That is, how much force is necessary to stop the threat. That said, discharging a firearm is always considered to be mortal force. Of course there could have been any number of reasons (not reported by WRAL of course) that caused his round to be misplaced. He could have found himself off balance, or caused to discharge prematurely, or forced off target by the action involved. However, the round was misplaced. Shooting someone in the leg or arm "to slow 'em down" is the fodder of television shows, and not very good ones at that. Fortunately the man was not killed, but if the decision was sound to move to mortal force, then he should have been. In this sort of engagement any conscious decision to attempt to wound rather than kill with a firearm would be at best reckless and at worst criminal.

  • bluebird1075 Apr 29, 2009

    The officer shot the guy just where he needed to, to stop him in his tracks. Obviously, his intention was to stop him not kill him and that's what he did. I'm sure if he had wanted to do more harm, he could have.

  • oldfirehorse Apr 29, 2009

    I've really had it with going easy on Law Enforcement Officers' poor performance! That Deputy needs to be SUSPENDED IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT PAY! He should remain off-duty, pending intensive firearms combat retraining, lots of range time, and qualification as "Expert Marksman". Dang it, you don't pull the trigger until the muzzle is pointed at center mass!

  • o2tacoma Apr 29, 2009

    the suspect had stabbed himself in the stomach with the knife so the sheriff had no choice but to stop him with a bullet

  • dplowman Apr 29, 2009

    Should have raised the sights up about three feet and eleminated the problem.

  • starshield Apr 29, 2009

    The Rocky Mount Telegram says that the guy was tased, taser did not stop the guy and he lunged at the officers. WRAL rarely post everything when it involves officer involved shootings.

  • starshield Apr 29, 2009

    No they did not say everything. The guy had already been tased. I'm sure the deputy was not aiming for the leg. I'll bet $2 that is just where the bullet hit.

  • True Blue in Wake County Apr 29, 2009

    It works like this folks "sir drop the knife...sir drop the knife *guns now trained* sir, drop the knife" Whether or not he is "showing" it is irrelevant. If he takes a step in either direction, after being told numerous times to drop it - Mr. Glock will then be called to assist in his obvious hearing impairment. Sorry folks but thats the way it goes. Play - you pay. We gome home at night - not the armed idiot who made the choice themselves. He's lucky he was not in my jurisdiction because it would have been about 15 center mass and not one in the leg.

  • fourfivesix Apr 29, 2009

    hello, the article says the suspect SHOWED them a knife, not that he came running after them trying to stab them. there is a difference.

    and, uh, i never said being in law enforcement was easy.

    you people are retarded, drawing ridiculous conclusions from my statement. i said wral probably didn't have all the info, and neither do you.

    holy carps