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Nantucket Grill linked to illness that sickened dozens

Posted June 7, 2013
Updated June 8, 2013

— Forty-one people reported becoming ill in recent weeks after eating at a Nantucket Grill location or attending an event catered by the restaurant, public health officials said Friday.

The first illnesses were reported May 7, with the final reports coming in May 23, according to Robert Brown, environmental health director of Durham County's Department of Public Health.

Brown said the common link was Nantucket Grill, which has locations in Durham and Chapel Hill. People who reported nausea or diarrhea either ate at one of the restaurants or attended one of six catered events, he said.

The Nantucket Grill locations at 5826 Fayetteville Road in Durham and at 5925 Farrington Road in Chapel Hill, along with the Nantucket Cafe in Rams Plaza in Chapel Hill, were inspected. Brown said a norovirus caused the illnesses, but inspectors haven't been able to pinpoint the source of the virus.


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  • xxxxxxxxxxxxx Jun 11, 2013

    "Jail the owners and staff."

    Generally speaking we prefer that someone commit an actual crime before we throw them in jail.

  • maker of cakes Jun 10, 2013

    I have eaten at Nantucket grill several times a week for more than 5 years. I have never become ill from the food. I have eaten there several times since this incident, and still... not ill. It is unfortunate that people contracted this virus but to say you're not going to eat at a restaurant because someone got ill at a catered event just seems silly to me. For all we know the virus was carried from the driver from one catered event to another. I guess we'll never be sure as it seems nearly impossible to pinpoint the source.

  • lb27608 Jun 10, 2013

    "Anyhoo, I wonder if the ones who got sick ate the "Pine Nut Salad".. Until seeing it on the Nantucket menu, I had no idea that anybody would actually eat some pine nuts. Sounds like something that would give anybody a good "cleaning out"."

    Pine nuts are very commonly used in salads and other foods. Pesto sauces are almost universally made with pine nuts, for example. They're also sold as snacks, much like other nuts.

    I've eaten at Nantucket on several occasions and never had a problem. This sounds like a supplier issue, too.

    To the person who wants the owners jailed: on what grounds? No crime was committed here.

  • Con Amor brings luv and laughter Jun 10, 2013

    I find it hard to believe that all different locations would share the same "germs". If there was something in the food, then it must have came from the Nantucket supplier(s). I eat Nantucket often, never had a problem or became ill. Their cakes are awesome! My only issue is their prices. (A lil high for the every day working gal to eat there too often). Anyhoo, I wonder if the ones who got sick ate the "Pine Nut Salad".. Until seeing it on the Nantucket menu, I had no idea that anybody would actually eat some pine nuts. Sounds like something that would give anybody a good "cleaning out". So Maybe it wasnt a virus after all. Just nature taking over and reacting to what was eaten perhaps?

  • Deacons Jun 7, 2013

    I ate at the Raleigh location in April of this year, ate a hamburger and I felt bad for 2 days. This place is horrible. The food is bad and I will never go there again.

  • eoms Jun 7, 2013

    It sounds odd if people got sick from eating at all locations, it that case it might come from a supplier.

  • areyououtofyourmind Jun 7, 2013

    "Shut them down ! Take away their license and make them pay ALL medical bills, loss of wages. Jail the owners and staff."

    You sir, I guarantee work for someone and are not self-employed. Oh, and that's what insurance is for. No worries, the medical bills shall be covered.

  • gopack10 Jun 7, 2013

    When I was a nurse in a doctors office about 2 years ago a drug representative brought catered lunch from there and every staff member who ate the fruit, which was all but 2, were very, very sick for 24-48 hours. I would never eat there! It was confirmed norovirus on this occasion.

  • Fireflies Rock Jun 7, 2013

    first time we went to the Nantucket Grill in N Raleigh my husband got sick afterwards and we never went back. Can't prove it was the food, I suppose, but he won't go back

  • Southern Girl Jun 7, 2013

    There is a Nantucket Grille in Raleigh out on Durant Road. Is this the same? You never know - no matter how expensive a restaurant - who is preparing your food. So sad.