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N.C. Student Reports Assault on Campus

Posted April 4, 2008

— A North Carolina State University student reported being grabbed from behind on campus late Thursday, the university said.

In a crime alert e-mail distributed to students, campus police said an unknown assailant grabbed the female student and pushed her into a fence near the coliseum tunnel at the field house.

The student sprayed the assailant with pepper spray which contains a red dye, police said, and ran away through the tunnel toward the coliseum deck toward Dunn Avenue.

Police said he is in his mid-20s to 30s, has a thin/small build and is about 5 feet 9 inches tall. He was wearing a black hoodie over his face, gray sweat pants and dark shoes.

Anyone with information should call the campus police at 919-515-3000.

Police also urge those on campus to call 911 when they see suspicious activity or to report a crime.


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  • Gooseye Apr 4, 2008

    ncwebguy - contrary to what category you think a gun belongs in, it's only useful purpose is not just to kill people. And I think all people would agree that motor vehicles never had a purpose to kill people, yet they do kill people, at staggering rates.

    My point is that it makes no sense at all to deny someone the right to defend themselves simply because others might not feel "safe" around them. These "no-gun zone" laws only make it easier for the criminals to know that their victims will be disarmed, while they themselves are armed. Criminals don't follow laws, thats why they're criminals.

  • scientistjo Apr 4, 2008

    If they stop telling us black people are committing the crimes, then black people won't commit more crimes. Right?

  • carolinagirl75 Apr 4, 2008

    i'm all for self-protection, and we have always had guns in our house. the problem with using a gun (or knife) for personal protection is that it can be taken away from you. this is especially true for females who often do not have the upper body strength a man does. if you are going to carry, you need extensive training and practice so that you can react appropriately and keep your attacker from getting your weapon. a lot of people's egos think they could handle it, but folks, it takes a lot to shoot someone.

  • Meandmytwo Apr 4, 2008

    Good thing she had pepper spray. I hope that it will not come off of his face so that he can be identified by someone. His intentions prbably was to rape her. Tha's wht I take my pepper spray everywhere I go.

  • OrdinaryCitizen Apr 4, 2008

    Was this suspect white, black or hispanic??? Whats the deal with not releasing all information with crimes at NC State?

  • beantownbred Apr 4, 2008

    Redd, you can also buy pepper spray in the hunting section of K-Mart!

  • ice cream Apr 4, 2008

    Hmmm, WRAL left out the part of the report that was in the e-mail I received because I'm still on the NCSU crime listserv.

    He had a "dark complexion", it said in my e-mail.

  • ncwebguy Apr 4, 2008

    It sounds like this happened on the north side of the tunnel closest to Pullen, but it is hard to tell. Or is there a new field house near the middle/coliseum tunnel? Where is public safety hq now? Could they not find someone sprayed with red pepper spray?

    I know it is hard for people who never went to college to understand, but students don't paint themselves in their school colors all the time. Depsite what you see on TV, they go to class and learn things, sometimes even at night. "Useless" stuff like readin', writin', rithmatic', science, and thinking...

    When guns have some other useful purpose like transporting people to work or the store, then, and only then, can you put them in the same category as cars.

  • Redd Apr 4, 2008

    Does anyone know where you can buy pepper spray? I haven't seen it in years.

  • twc Apr 4, 2008

    A little off the subject--maybe, but did anyone notice the similarity between one of the recent robbery suspects and the sketch of the killer of the pregnant newspaper carrier?