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N.C. State student charged with communicating threats

Posted January 13, 2009

— An N.C. State student is accused of making threats on his Facebook page.

According to the arrest warrant, Bailey Peck was on the social networking Web site when he sent a message saying he was going to knock out his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend.

Peck, 22, has been charged with two counts of communicating threats. He was free on bond Tuesday night.


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  • John Q Public Jan 14, 2009

    Haha too funny!! Oh well lesson learned...don't threaten bodily harm over the internet. Seems self-explanatory.

  • ifcdirector Jan 14, 2009

    I just wish that all the illegal aliens I routinely have watched the RPD let go for oh I don't know, the past decade, would take out threatening facebook pages if that's what it takes to get their attention on who is committing an inordinate number of crimes and are criminals just by virtue of being here. I consider that a bigger threat than some cretin on facebook.

  • manofjustice Jan 14, 2009

    His eyes clearly state that he is under the influence of an uncontrolled substance that has made him out of control and he needs Jesus to get under controlled because society can't keep him in control so his girlfriend pushed him over control with this new man she cheated on him for. I declare...I declare.

  • happy Jan 14, 2009

    chance, my mistake. I knew what I meant, I just got it crossed up when I typed it. Point still stands. I don't believe RPD went looking for this. I believe the new bf pressed the charges.

    OK...better now? I obviously hadn't gotten enough coffee in my system to be fully cognizant when I first wrote this.

  • Heathen Jan 14, 2009

    Can you imagine how many people on a daily basis are charged with communicating threats? Why target this one individual? I guess the reporter on this story must be a Carolina fan...

  • CSMs Alter Ego Jan 14, 2009

    "Whats worse than the RPD doing this and WRAL posting a students picture for something this lame is having to read comments like the one at 1:54 by the PhD Data Entry person.LOL."

    Trust me, it's like that on every story where she posts something.

  • Common Sense Man Jan 14, 2009

    "LEOs seem to be concerned with two things......DUIs and nonsensical charges against members of the community. But no one really expects these clowns to go after the real criminals. That would be to difficult."

    I don't know, but I doubt an officer took out the warrant. I wouldn't. I'm too busy eating donuts and going after people with expired tags.

  • IdoNOTliveinDurham Jan 14, 2009

    Whats worse than the RPD doing this and WRAL posting a students picture for something this lame is having to read comments like the one at 1:54 by the PhD Data Entry person.LOL.

    Somebody must be putting something in the water is this an episode of the old Batman or something geeze people.

  • truthwchz Jan 14, 2009

    Wait a minute, a college kid is talking junk to his ex's new man? Get right out of town! You know there are people committing real crimes right now. I miss the good old days when men acted like men. If your girl's ex said he was going knock you out, then you manned up and knocked him out first and twice as hard. Saved a lot of paperwork.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 14, 2009

    You send your kids off to college and while there they do stupid things. My prayers are for the parents in all they tried to do in raising their son. Apparently they did not do enough.