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N.C. State Student Accused of Stealing Dorm Keys

Posted January 31, 2008
Updated August 14, 2008

EDITOR'S NOTE: All charges against Logan Blair were voluntarily dismissed by authorities, according to court records.

RALEIGH, N.C. – A North Carolina State University student faces charges in connection with stealing keys to a campus dormitory building.

Freshman Logan Blair was seen Tuesday on surveillance video entering Tucker Residence Hall and stealing a set of master keys from the office, campus police said.

After being questioned, police said, Blair returned the keys to authorities.

Blair was interviewed by campus police and later transported to the Wake County Sheriff’s Office, where he was being held Wednesday night.


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  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 31, 2008

    Concerning the keys that was stolen, the University should considering getting new locks and keys just in case he had some made. Meanwhile, people need to take a look around to see if any thing at all is missing.

  • Dr. Dataclerk Jan 31, 2008

    What an embarrassment to his parents who work hard to send him to college and he goes and do something stupid. Yes he should be expelled and not allowed back on campus once he is allowed to get his personal things. Evidently, he did not go to school to get an education. Wonder what his background is like? Any other University or College should get a through back-ground before allowing this student to attend their school.

  • Meandmytwo Jan 31, 2008

    This dumb, dumb should have been arrested. I know that he had to have known of the camera. If not, stupid on his part and what did he have in mind of doing. Looks like to me, nothing good would have came out of this, if the keys had not been returned. Way to go campus police!!!

  • slaterric Jan 31, 2008

    There is a Logan Blair on the NC State track team.
    Same person I wonder ?

  • lilwil Jan 31, 2008

    He was up to no good. He should be expelled and NCSU should change all the locks.

    He made sure he stole the master keys. He should not even be allowed on State's campus for nothing.

  • BigUNCFan Jan 31, 2008

    PS, if they do not expell him and he then goes out and commits a serious crime or rapes or kills someone, NCSU could be on the hook for gross negligence for not getting rid of this person when they had the chance with this offense.

    It is just too risky for NCSU to not expell him if their rules and regulations allow them to for this offense.

  • BigUNCFan Jan 31, 2008

    After the murders on campus at NCCU and UNC Wilmington and at Duke, we cannot take safety for granted.

    He needs to be expelled from NCSU and fast. His life as a student should be over now because he is a potential danger to all of those around him and it would be too expensive to have 24 hour surveilance on him.

    He could be a predator, we just do not know but NCSU needs to err on the side of caution and expell him from the college community.

  • yeahright2 Jan 31, 2008

    The fact is we don't know what is intentions were. He DID commit several crimes in my opinion, breaking and entering and theft. Keep the punishment in line with the crime. I say give him probabtion and either suspend him from school for a year or kick him out.

  • 2 Imagine That Jan 31, 2008

    Let see if this person had stolen keys to YOUR house and was seen entering YOUR house..... how BIG would that mountain be now!!! He was wrong on so many levels for what he did. If you justify this behavior then you need to call Dorothy and Toto and ask when they are planning another trip to OZ because it is apparent that you need to make an appointment with the Wizard and ask for a brain...

  • smitty Jan 31, 2008

    Kids do stupid stuff all the time at NCSU. I know plenty of people who got arrested playing pranks in college and moved on to graduate, have good jobs and families of their own.

    Put him on the red truck crew, let him paint some railings for a couple months.