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N.C. State fires alumni group chief

Posted October 13, 2009

North Carolina State University has fired the executive director of its alumni association, Chancellor Jim Woodward said late Monday.

Woodward said in a statement that the decision to fire Associate Vice Chancellor for Alumni Relations Lennie Barton came after "extensive discussions" with the university's Board of Trustees and a "careful and thorough evaluation" of the financial standing and operations of the alumni association.

"I firmly believe that new leadership is needed if the defined mission and purpose of the alumni association are to be successfully pursued in the years ahead," he said. "N.C. State’s best years are ahead, and I invite all alumni to help build a stronger and more vibrant alumni relations program and alumni association in support of your university."


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  • WHEEL Oct 14, 2009

    JAFOinWF hit it right on the head. Also dig a little more and you will find Bowles right in the middle of this mess, laughing at the public for our stupidity.

  • FromClayton Oct 13, 2009

    i would just like to say again, it is sad i get my news about the place I work from WRAL.

  • JAFOinWF Oct 13, 2009

    As NCSU alum, I will not give until the Mary Sl-Easley issue is resolved. That means firing the folks that are guilty from NCSU, not just demoted.

  • nufsaid Oct 13, 2009

    "Even the Alumi don't State!!!! LOL They must be giving their money to Duke!!

    I am a huge State fan. But I also have the intelligence to think for myself and question those "leaders" that do not seem to be looking out for best interests of the institution. The Easley issue is a symptom of the problems of the entire University System. The system is full of waste and corruption. If you think it is just an NCSU problem you are mistaken.

    By the way I assume that you intended to insert another word between "don't" and "State". I won't make a joke about ECU fans as in this issue we all have the same opponent.

  • jprime Oct 13, 2009

    Theres plenty of jokes to be made about our sports teams, so I'll leave that alone.

    As any college grad can probably agree, I am already making payments on the money I gave them for the next 10 years so I dont need to give them EVEN MORE.

  • dare107 Oct 13, 2009

    Even the Alumi don't State!!!! LOL They must be giving their money to Duke!!

  • nufsaid Oct 13, 2009

    As long as those that were behind the Easley issue are being paid and/or protected this will not go away. Why should people donate when it certainly appears that the money is not used wisely.

  • PackFan1983 Oct 13, 2009

    Fire Lee Fowl-up, too!

  • nufsaid Oct 13, 2009

    Could it be possible that this firing is related to the apparent reluctance to face up to the real problem behind the Mary Easley issue?

    From the N&O- "In a letter obtained by The News & Observer, seven members of the association's board of directors wrote Woodward on Sept. 9 and asked him to reconsider the idea of firing Barton. They wrote that someone had told them Barton was going to be fired because he hadn't censored a story in the fall edition of the alumni magazine about the Mary Easley scandal to ensure it didn't contain criticism of university leaders."

  • Frizz Oct 13, 2009

    I don't everybody who should be canned or in what sequence, but I'd love to see the AD be next.