N.C. has top 'business climate' for sixth straight year

Posted November 1, 2010
Updated November 4, 2013

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North Carolina is No. 1 as a “state business climate” for the sixth consecutive year, says Site Selection magazine.

The Tar Heel state has now rankled first in the annual survey in nine of the last 10 years.

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The magazine bases its survey on data gathered from corporate site selectors as well as its own database of new and expanded facilities.

Southern states dominated the rankings with Tennessee second, Texas third, Virginia fourth and South Carolina fifth.

Georgia tied with Ohio for sixth.

North Carolina ranked first in the executive survey and first in new plant rankings for January through August of this year.

The state ranked sixth in competitiveness, seventh in new plants for 2009 and 10th in new plants per million population.

The index credited North Carolina with a score of 379 points, eight better than Tennessee.

“All states face economic and budgetary challenges these days, but this ranking reminds us that there are significant success stories, too,” said Site Selection Editor-in-Chief Mark Arend in a statement. “North Carolina’s first-place finish underscores its success across a wide spectrum of industries, from aerospace to life sciences to energy. We commend the governor and her economic development team for their focus on making and keeping their state business-friendly.”

In the survey of corporate executives, which was conducted in October, North Carolina finished first followed by Texas (2), Georgia (3), Tennessee (4), South Carolina (5), Florida (6), Louisiana (7), Virginia (8), Alabama (9) and Arizona (10).

Business executives evaluated the states based on:

1. Work force skills
2. State and local tax scheme
3. Transportation infrastructure
4. Flexibility of incentive programs
5. Availability of incentives and
(tie) Utility infrastructure
7. Land/building costs and supply
8. State economic development strategy
9. Permitting and regulatory structure
10. Higher education resources


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  • whatelseisnew Nov 1, 2010

    "we are on the top of a lot of lists...but one we're not on top of is our wages!! Everything is increasing except my paycheck!?!"

    I found the solution for the paycheck problem. I no longer get one.

  • 27615 Nov 1, 2010

    It's not about the Republican or Democrat it's about too much power for the Federal Government and not enough for the states! We could go whatever way in NC we wanted if it was payed for and voted on by the people who live in NC..but when you have the Federal Government dictating how it's going to be for everybody that just doesn't cut it and will constantly create more problems...more protests...more REVOLUTON

  • 27615 Nov 1, 2010

    we are on the top of a lot of lists...but one we're not on top of is our wages!! Everything is increasing except my paycheck!?!

  • geosol Nov 1, 2010

    Gosh, that sounds a lot better than those cranky old right wingers that keep saying how everything is just horrible right now. And that is supposed to make it better?

  • lcj3 Nov 1, 2010

    May God have mercy on the rest of this country as they must truly be in dire straits!!!!

  • gswalker51 Nov 1, 2010

    Wow, there is no more prestigious honor than to be named in "Site Selection" magazine, the magazine of corporate real estate strategy and area economic development. Wait! Wait just a darn minute...who would have a vested interest getting their state named to this list? Oh yeah, North Carolina...a state that's about to choke to death on real estate hacks and economic development speculators. You know what I don't see when I read through "Site Selection"? The success stories...the businesses who opened-up shop and hired hunreds and thousands of people to work at these "selected sites".

  • Frank Downtown Nov 1, 2010

    Wow, those democrats are really running NC into the ground!! (laugh)

  • froggytroat Nov 1, 2010

    Keep this in mind when you vote. Democrats have setup our state to succeed.

  • u stand corrected Nov 1, 2010

    Rest of the US must really be hurting then!