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Murder charge pending in fatal Wake Forest wreck

Posted December 22, 2009

— Police said they plan to charge a driver with second-degree murder in a fatal Dec. 13 wreck at the interchange of N.C. Highway 98 Bypass and Capital Boulevard.

Pedro Adalberto Guity, of 1319 Verdouco Drive in Holly Springs, also will be charged with driving while impaired, police said.

Police said Guity turned off the N.C. 98 Bypass onto the Capital Boulevard exit to the highway at about 3 a.m. Dec. 13 and wound up driving south in the northbound lanes on Capital Boulevard.

Guity's car collided head-on with a car driven by Robert Ernesto Harris, 37, of Franklin County, and Harris was killed in the wreck.

Guity remains hospitalized at WakeMed. The driver of a third car involved in the wreck was treated at the hospital and released.


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  • Bartmeister Dec 28, 2009

    @ deadmail = Do you drive much? Have you been gett'n out lately? This type of interchange is all over NC and other states. It's one of the easiest intersections to get through. If you find this type of intersection confusion, please turn in your Drivers License to the NCDMV immediately. Drunk or not, the guy killed someone because of stupidity.

    @ just brian = yeah, he was at the Ale House, I know first hand.

  • just brian Dec 22, 2009

    Sorry deadmail but the guy was drinking and driving and he was on probation for a previous offense from June 2009.
    The accident didn't happen at the intersection, it happened on NORTH bound Capital because Mr. Guity was going SOUTH bound the wrong direction.
    Rob Harris was a good friend of mine and thanks to this fool, there are 3 kids without a father, a wife without a husband and (selfish) I have lost a very close friend.
    The sad part is he will probably plea down to VMS and will do it again eventually.
    And yeah, the Ale House is less than .5 miles from the site. You put the pieces to this puzzle together for the 2:30 am crash early on a Sunday morning.

  • Firegal Dec 22, 2009

    I wonder if its just a coincidence that Carolina Ale house is right there...

  • artist Dec 22, 2009

    "In defense of Mr. Guity"...

    No way. No excuse. You drive drunk and you pay the price. Had he not been drunk... then the issue would be different.

  • rhoda_penmark Dec 22, 2009

    hope they check Mr. Wrong Way at 3AM's green card when he gets to court...

  • App7689 Dec 22, 2009

    No excuse for DUI, and I am sure this is why the man has been charged, and rightly so if he was under the influance.

    I live near the intersection, and have to agree with deadmail. I cannot count the times I have seen drivers drive, or begin to drive before reversing, the wrong way down the ramps. If you are not familiar with the intersection, it is very difficult to navigate.

  • deadmail Dec 22, 2009

    In defense of Mr. Guity, it should be factored into his trial that the intersection of Hwy. 98 Bypass and Capital Blvd. is among one of the worst designed intersections I have ever witnessed. The intersecton is extremely convoluted and confusing, even when being navigated perfectly sober during perfect driving conditions. While that does not excuse anyone from driving drunk and inadvertently killing someone, I firmly believe there will be many tragic accidents at this intersection, in no small part due to its faulty design. Nothing can save the design without a full do-over; and we all know that is not going to happen. Good luck driving through there, everyone. And be sure to wear your seatbelt.