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Murder charge dropped against girlfriend in Princeton stabbing death

Posted October 21, 2014

Crystal Turner

— Johnston County prosecutors have dismissed a second-degree murder charge against a woman charged in the stabbing death of her boyfriend.

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Assistant District Attorney Paul Jackson said Tuesday that evidence showed Crystal Turner, 27, of Princeton, acted in self-defense when she stabbed Julius Crenshaw in the neck early Sunday morning.

Police found Crenshaw, 25, dead in the parking lot of Dellwood Apartments, where Turner lives.

"In this case, the state has an affirmative duty to disprove any claim of self-defense, and the evidence in this case strongly supports Crystal Turner's claim that she was defending herself," Jackson said in a statement.

Investigators found that the couple had been drinking and that Crenshaw hit Turner multiple times in the face with a closed fist during an argument.

The argument moved outside the home, Jackson said, where Crenshaw threw a grill with hot coals at Turner, burning her.

Crenshaw, who was recently convicted of assaulting Turner and breaking into her home, then charged toward Turner, who then stabbed him, Jackson said.

"My heart goes out to the family of Julius Crenshaw, and I am deeply sorry for their loss. This is certainly a horrible situation for all parties," he said.

"This tragedy serves as a reminder to us all that domestic violence is a persistent problem that must be taken seriously," Jackson added.


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  • I-Defy Oct 22, 2014

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    Im glad she got off because she should have. But let me pop your knee back in place. I full expected support for her on here and thats great. The point I was trying to make and the one that you missed is. People are happy for her because she stood her ground, but not too long ago a lot of the same people were saying that guy in FLA should be in jail for standing his ground. Or was that case just blown out of proportion because the media made it racial?

  • I-Defy Oct 22, 2014

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    Then stop trying to take away their rights to defend themselves with a firearm.

  • Doseofreality88 Oct 22, 2014

    Good for her,for you men who can't keep your hands to yourself, remember woman everywhere are reading this. Domestic violence must stop.

  • papasan Oct 22, 2014

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    The charging DA SHOULD expunge that from her record, not sure if they will but they SHOULD.

  • ncprr1 Oct 22, 2014

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    I agree. It sounds like she was just defending herself and there was plenty of evidence there to show that. Even with the charges dropped, it is still on her record that she was once charged with murder.

  • Lorna Schuler Oct 22, 2014
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    Seriously I-DEFY? So, the PD has sufficient evidence to back up her claim of self defense and drop the charges, but you feel that is wrong? What, was she supposed to just take another beating or worse from this "man"?

    Why did you have to even go there?

  • SAY 'WHAT" ONE MORE TIME! Oct 22, 2014

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    That would've required @just a regular citizen to look past the nose on their face. Tons on here are incapable of such

  • Lightfoot3 Oct 22, 2014

    "My question would be why was she charged in the first place. If a thorough investigation was performed in the beginning she should have never been charged" - GLOCKMASTER

    Exactly! Now she has a permanent arrest record for murder.

  • I-Defy Oct 22, 2014

    Oh so she "stood her ground?" I seem to remember a guy recently who people wanted to fry because he stood his ground

  • USMC Vet Oct 21, 2014

    Blessed to hear it.
    Prayers for the loved ones of both involved.