Mud, anger left after state drains Godwin pond

Posted September 3, 2014

— Rhodes Pond was once a thriving 400-plus acre pond, but when the state drained it, fish were killed, wildlife was chased away and nearby residents were angered. Now there's nothing but mud.


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  • Janet Clarke Sep 8, 2014
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    Yah, I thought that was weird, or a mistake. More info, please!

  • busyb97 Sep 8, 2014

    Why didn't they just drain it to the point that the dam was exposed for repair, but not so much to KILL everything left inside? Yes, it would still impact alot, but not everything. What a needless waste. They shouldn't have drained a thing until they were ready to start physical work on the dam, and then, only drain to the point they needed to make repairs. If we can build huge bridges over lakes and oceans WITHOUT DRAINING them, why can't we fix a small dam?

  • Lysander Sep 5, 2014

    Wow, you mean government had a plan, took over and didn't follow through?? Give it time and developers backed by "laws", will be taking it by force.

  • Jeff Gameo Sep 4, 2014
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    babylaceycarpenter - watch the vid for "the rest of the story"

  • babylaceycarpenter Sep 4, 2014

    Where is the rest of the story? Why was this pond (in actuality a lake) drained? Was it done to repair a dam? If so, are those repairs being done? Will it eventually become a lake again? Who made the decision to drain it?

    Reporting less than 1/10th of the story, is just foolish. Not that I would expect anything more from WRAL.

  • thechristinakimsucks Sep 3, 2014

    This is heartbreaking. It seems the priority was to drain the pond immediately and think about fixing the dam later. This is more evidence of a conservative thinking government kicking environmental concerns to the bottom of the barrel. Why are projects that impact legislators given much higher priority?