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Michelle Obama says election a choice of values for America

Posted October 16, 2012

— With three weeks until the presidential election, first lady Michelle Obama said Tuesday that America faces a stark choice when voters cast their ballots.

"That's what this election is all about. It's a choice about our values and our hopes and our aspirations," Obama told hundreds of students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. "It's a choice about the America we want to leave for our kids and our grandkids."

President Barack Obama believes in schools that inspire students and prepare them for jobs of the future, his wife said. Likewise, she said, he believes that an illness shouldn't bankrupt a family, and a job loss shouldn't lead to a home foreclosure.

"In this America that we're building, when one of us stumbles – when one of us falls on tough times – we don't tell them, 'Tough luck. You're on your own,'" she said. "Instead, we extend a helping hand until they can get back on their feet."

Republican challenger Mitt Romney, on the other hand, wants to balance the budget by cutting "Sesame Street," Michelle Obama said. In a debate two weeks ago, Romney drew howls of protest by saying he would eliminate a federal subsidy to PBS stations, which air the children's show.

"Shortchanging our young people is not how we tackle the deficit," she said.

The stump speech was held in Carmichael Arena – the same place where President Obama spoke this spring to build support for getting Congress to extend low-interest student loans.

First lady makes campaign stop at UNC First lady makes campaign stop at UNC

Michelle Obama urges UNC students to vote early Michelle Obama urges UNC students to vote early

She encouraged students to vote early – she said she cast an absentee ballot on Monday for her husband – reminding them that early voting begins Thursday in North Carolina. She also asked them to talk to their family and friends to build support for an Obama re-election.

"Work like you have never worked before," she said. "Here in America, we always move forward. We always make progress. We never go backwards – we never have."

Many students heard the message loud and clear.

"I need to try to swing my friends to vote for Obama," UNC freshman Anna Simon said.

"I think there's so much that (the president) has done," UNC freshman Samantha Jackson said. "There's really no excuse not to vote for him."

Michelle Obama held a similar get-out-the-vote rally at the North Carolina Central University in Durham last month.

Tuesday marked the 12th time she has visited North Carolina since becoming first lady.


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  • free2bme Oct 18, 2012

    mrman2a-- Of course, President Obama is the reason the sky isn't yellow. Blame everything on the President Obama, that is all you can do. Wake up into reality, it took years for us to get into this mess, many before President Obama got in office. Thanks to President Obama there is a ray of light for recovery. Unemployment is lower, 401 K's are producing again, the auto industry was saved. Our President has done so much to get our country going again and we must continue to move forward. No one wants to go back to Romney/Bush politics.

  • mrman2a Oct 18, 2012

    When you graduate there are no jobs thanks to my husband is what she should be saying.

  • free2bme Oct 18, 2012

    'lessismore' please get your facts together. Mrs. Obama did not lose her law license she gave it up voluntarily. Again as usual another false rumor or lie used by you know who. Please go to factcheck. org to get the facts. I have pasted the information below so that others will not take your erroneous information and believe it as true.

    A court official confirms that no public disciplinary proceeding has ever been brought against either Michelle or Barack Obama, contrary to a false Internet rumor. By voluntarily inactivating their licenses, they avoid a requirement to take continuing education classes and pay hundreds of dollars in annual fees. Both could practice law again if they chose to do so.

    Again, the Obamas are great examples for any one to look up to. They got where they are by working hard. They demonstrate that hard work pays off. They did something Romney knows nothing about, they actually earned their success.

  • bubbaredneck Oct 18, 2012

    Please hurry up and tell your story and leave our state you! we have enough trouble here without the Obamanation being forced on our ears when we don't even want you here!!!

  • lessismore Oct 18, 2012

    free2bme.... you do know Michelle lost her law license for insurance fraud.....she is not someone to respect or look up to.

  • lessismore Oct 18, 2012

    Michelle is correct in her assessment that this election is about values. Welfare state vs jobs and prosperity. Obama offers only welfare...and a free Obama phone.

  • free2bme Oct 17, 2012

    It is so good to see a educated beautiful woman holding her own as Michelle Obama does. Romney/Ryan is so against women that it is disgusting. They want to impose their religion on others and feel that women have no right to decide for themselves.t Romney and his binder of women have no clue. He says he will create so many jobs that their maybe some left over even for women. As long as they get home by 5 and fix dinner, take care of the kids, it is all good.

  • piratechick Oct 17, 2012

    What a joke! Romney/Ryan 2012!

  • SaveEnergyMan Oct 17, 2012

    We are becoming a nation of victims - more and more dependent on the government for our existence. The government has become more dependent on the few that are wealthy and borrowing to feed this insatiable need to provide everything since the poor and middle class cannot hope to supply the needed taxes to pay for their services. This encourages the poor to stay poor and the rich to move their money elsewhere. It is unsustainable.

  • trainloadr Oct 17, 2012

    A wonderful lady that continue to stand by her man. Many women would not come close in supporting their man.

    The rich is very one not paying taxes like they should. The poor should be exempted.

    We don't need a person like that to be out president.

    The American problem could be solved if many people was not so negative and racial. If we all could learn to pulled together and become one on issues, then would work out for a better cause.

    Trouble is too many have pulled against him the moment he step into the white house.

    End of error filled quotes:
    The English language used to make a really great point! You read between the lines.