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Moving Van Catches Fire in Knightdale; Traffic Delayed

Posted March 28, 2008

— Traffic was delayed on Highway 64 Bypass Friday morning after a moving van caught fire.

The incident happened near Hodge Road. No other details were available.


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  • momof2 Mar 28, 2008

    I agree, shrimpbait--let's ban fires. While we are at it--let's ban floods, murders, robberies, etc...

    I feel so powerful! Have a great weekend!

  • Shrimpbait Mar 28, 2008

    but, you know, fire extinguishers can be a bit messy and it would then take water to clear the mess, but you can't water, soooo.... let's also request a ban on fire extinguishers. Oh, but if they go ahead and just ban fire then they won't have to worry about the ban on extinguishers. I could go on and on, but I have to leave now... this has been extremely entertaining to me today though.

  • momof2 Mar 28, 2008

    Shrimpbait---LOL That was my thought too! Must have been carrying pinestraw!
    I've been looking out my window this morning staring at the pinestraw. I think if I stare at it hard enough I just might be able to make it self-combust! I have my fire extinguisher next to me just in case....

  • Shrimpbait Mar 28, 2008

    Was there pinestraw within 10 feet of the van?

  • The Fox Mar 28, 2008

    Yep it was a U-haul. Saw the engine compartment on fire with the family standing by.

  • Adelinthe Mar 28, 2008

    Hope no one lost anything, and blessed no one was hurt.

    God bless.

    Rev. RB

  • sprice7 Mar 28, 2008

    It was indeed a U-Haul.

  • QT3.14 Mar 28, 2008

    10 to 1 it's a U-Haul. Those things are so old and unsafe.

  • sprice7 Mar 28, 2008

    I just drove by that a little while ago. The cab looked like a complete loss, but the cargo area was mostly intact. Hope no one lost all their belongings.