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Motorist injured in N.C. 55 wreck

Posted February 18, 2009
Updated February 19, 2009

— A motorist was injured Wednesday evening in a motor vehicle wreck on N.C. Highway 55 in Apex.

A woman driving an SUV collided with a vehicle after swerving to miss a bicyclist traveling on the side of Jenks Road, police said.

The woman was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injures. No one in the other vehicle was injured.

Traffic was backed up on N.C. 55 for about 45 minutes after the wreck.


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  • Rolling Along Feb 20, 2009

    Falcon 93 Immaterial...with the privilege of operating a motor vehicle on the roadways of NC comes the responsibility to operate it in a safe manner. I agree that there are many obnoxious and poor cyclists out there, and at least as many if not more obnoxious and incompetent drivers. If a bicycle is being operated in a legal manner it is the responsibility of the the driver to pass them safely. The fact the roads are not designed properly is not the fault of either.

  • Falcon93 Feb 20, 2009

    Rolling along - Agreed.........

    Living is a priviledge. Common sense is a tool to help facilitate that priviledge.

    (Please refer to all previous posts concerning size and speed verses size and speed) ;)

  • Rolling Along Feb 19, 2009

    falcon93...my bad. NC is one of only of 2 states where the state also maintains most of the county roads. However city street maintenance is paid for through property taxes. But if anybody want to completely ban bicycles from roadways they need to be prepared to provide a suitable alternate. Moving about under one's own power is a right, driving is a privilege.

  • Falcon93 Feb 19, 2009

    well said mewubbau!

    Rolling - Sorry, I just don't see where a county is taxed by the state to support the roads. I do see where vehicles and vehicle owners are taxed by the state for said roads.

    I will be happy to read any supporting documentation you have on that.

  • mewubbau Feb 19, 2009

    As soon as I read this article I knew it would be a debate bewteen the cyclist and car drivers. I understand that sometimes the roads we see cyclist on are the only place for them to ride or favorable to them, but I think an etiqutte's course might be benficial. Maybe veteran cyclist could run the program?! Question for cyclists, I've seen roads without sidewalks and bike lanes, how would you feel if pedestrians started to use this lane for walking? It would be frusturating and accidents would happen. The argument is the same concept, but with larger more dangerous vehicles involved. Even with the bike lanes the majority of bikers I see ride along the very edge, closest to the road. I don't have a solution, but have to say one bad apple, or in this case a bad cyclist, spoils the bunch. Cyclist encourage each other to follow the rules and use common sense. I wouldn't take my chances with a train and you shouldn't with a vehicle 10X your size.

  • Scare Crow Feb 19, 2009

    a woman wrecks her car on 55 because of a person on a byclcle on Jenks? I gotta remember that one!

  • Rolling Along Feb 19, 2009

    Falcon93 do your research...road maintenance is quite often paid for from general funds ie; property taxes as in money paid for owning houses, businesses and other real property, which many if not all cyclists pay. Also read the NC Motor Vehicle Code; bicycles are exempt from the minimum speed requirements. Also if a vehicle is overtaking another vehicle it is that driver's responsibility to do so safely. And while on the subject of vehicles, on any given day in NC over 24% of the cars on the road are being operated illegally; no driver's license, expired license plates, no insurance or an impaired driver. When is something going to be done about that?

  • Falcon93 Feb 19, 2009

    You are fully correct - Rolling along - if a cyclist violates a traffic law on a road they should get a ticket. Including the laws relating to moving vehicles maintaining a safe speed.

    Now, if by property tax you are refering to vehicle tax --> then yes you are correct. Your vehicle has that right to use the road accordingly, while your bicycle does not. Your bicycle has yet to contribute to any maintenance or construction of roads.

    I am sure that the only thing road related your bicycle has contributed would be a few headaches to those who have been stuck behind you watching you peddle oh so hard in an effort to silently communicate that "you have a right to cause that traffic delay".

    It kills me - its hilarious - when i come up behind cyclists and they see you behind them and instead of moving safely over they try peddling just that much harder to prove that they think they can go fast enough.

  • seankelly15 Feb 19, 2009

    Journey985 - So, you came to the site after the wreck had occurred and you did not see any of the events that led to the wreck. How did you know that the bike did not have lights on at the time of the wreck? I think that this is a reasonable question.

  • Rolling Along Feb 19, 2009

    Love the ignorance that runs rampant on here...How many cars pay 100% for the roads they use? NONE! Roads are financed through various means including PROPERTY TAXES which I as a cyclist also pay. If the cyclist was riding after dark without lights, ticket them.