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Motorcyclist killed in wreck

Posted April 9, 2010

— A Holly Springs man died Thursday night when his motorcycle ran off Reedy Creek Road and hit a fence post, authorities said.

Anthony Mark Brannon, 45, was pronounced dead at WakeMed from injuries suffered in the wreck, which occurred near the intersection of Reedy Creek and Edwards Mill roads, authorities said.

Brannon was traveling at about 50 mph in a 25-mph zone when he lost control of his motorcycle in a curve, authorities said. The bike crossed the median and ran off the left side of the road, striking the fence post.


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  • usmalenurse Apr 9, 2010

    Agree with RDUTEC.
    A careless driver is what kills. They can be riding a crotch rocket, driving a SUV or a Mercedes Benz...doesn't matter. I don't know what the major contributing factor was in this accident but our prayers should be with his loved ones.

  • Sick of Illegals Apr 9, 2010

    I had one motorcyclist come around me on the left heading in the opposite traffic as I was turning right. These people just can't wait to get anywhere. I feel no sympathy for someone that speeds and gets killed-perhaps killing someone innocent in the process at that!

  • dm919 Apr 9, 2010

    @Moabit-I agree that it is usually younger people on crotch rockets that end up dead or crippled-these are the ones i have issues with. Most of the older riders on road bikes are generally pretty cool. Seems like it is an issue of inadequate training combined with a lack of respect for the machine.

  • RDUTEC Apr 9, 2010

    Speed kills. Inexperience kills. Carelessness kills. Drunk drivers whether on motorcycles or 4 wheels kill. Dumb people on cell phones kill. People who think a motorcycle can stop on a dime kill. People who have no business behind a wheel of a car or on a motorcycle kill. I have been riding for over 40 years, and have been down 3 times. None were my falt and I was hurt each time. Please watch for my brothers and sisters on 2 wheels.

  • Yellow Rider Apr 9, 2010

    Reedy Creek Road was safer before it was paved.

  • grizzly0823 Apr 9, 2010

    In this case speed, weather [it was raining mildly, if not hard at that time of night], lack of visibility [it was raining & after sunset], slippery conditions [pollen, rain & line dividers don't mix well], and wind were probably all contributing factors.

    That curve is tricky in good conditions, let alone with all those additional factors. This should be a reminder to the motorcycling community to remember the lessons from the classes & if you aren't licensed, take the classes and get properly licensed. Otherwise there are too many dangers out there NOT to take safety seriously.

    P.S. I'm NOT an motorcycle instructor; the dealerships & community colleges all offer riding classes & the Highway Patrol class is exceptional. Safety first.

  • djcgriffin Apr 9, 2010

    I think in this case, speed did kill, unfortunately. It sys that he lost control in a curve and that would not have happened, I imagine, going 25 mph.

    My prayers are with his family and friends. Hopefully someone will take heed to his error.

  • Moabit Apr 9, 2010

    I have to disagree. So many motorcyclists get cut off by those "know it all, do not care, talking on cell phone" car drivers. Speed kills, and if you are not paying attention to what you are doing.So do not always blame the motorcyclist, especially if you have never driven yourself. There is different drivers out there, the once that take their time and the ones that cut through, speeding from one lane to the other. Usually younger people with "rocket bikes" Again, do not say it is not true. I have seen it myself. But this guy here was driving too fast. That is all we know. So keep your hate to yourself dm 919.

  • dm919 Apr 9, 2010

    "Speed kills."

    No-poor driving kills. Especially the case with "know it all" motorcyclists who have no business on the road.

  • Mom2two Apr 9, 2010

    Speed kills.