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Motorcyclist killed in Raleigh wreck

Posted March 5, 2009
Updated March 6, 2009

— A 21-year-old motorcyclist died in a wreck with a Jeep on Durant Road late Thursday afternoon, police said.

Matthew Blake Salyer, of Raleigh, was driving a 2007 Honda motorcycle at an excessive speed down Durant Road shortly before 4:30 p.m., according to the wreck report. Salyer's motorcycle slammed into a 2003 Jeep driven by William Johnston, 61, of Raleigh, as he was turning left turn onto Raven Ridge Road.

Salyer died of his injuries, police said.

Salyer was "driving at an excessive speed," the wreck report said. His motorcycle was going at 75 mph, and the Jeep at 25 mph at the time of impact. The posted speed limit on that stretch of Durant Road is 45 mph.

Police have not filed any charges.

Durant Road was closed for a while after the wreck.


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  • megan920renee Mar 13, 2009

    How would you people feel if Matt's family and friends got on here and read these disrespectful comments? they are going through enough grief right now and for people to get on here and just talk negatively about their brother that they are greiving right now is absolutley appalling, no matter whose fault you may think it to be you should keep your opinions to yourself. If you're gonna comment on this page leave your sympathy for this family not how much you think the person they lost brought this on themselves or deserved or whatever kind of appaling thoughts are going through your mind.

    On a lighter note, I never got the chance to meet Matt but his sister was always talking about him to me and her face would light up everytime she did. From the comments i've seen on his facebook page he was an amazing person who will always be remembered, never forgotten, and missed more than words can say. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of Matthew Blake Salyer.

  • megan920renee Mar 13, 2009

    I am absolutley appalled at the comments on this website about this article. Seriously people what gives you the right to get on here and make the kind of judgemental comments that you have to this article. It was a lose-lose situation no matter who was at fault, a 21 year old guy lost his life. It's a heartbreaking situation no matter what the cause of death was. I know Matt's sister and I know how close they were, this is devastating to her and their family. She lost a brother, her parents lost a son and all of his friends lost a truely incredible friend who can never be replaced. Granted Matt was going 75 in a 45 mph zone nobody will ever truely know what happened that day except for Matt, the jeep driver and God. Even if you were a witness to this horrific wreck you will never know what was going through the minds of the people involved. I just think it is very disrespectful for people to make these kinds of comments on this article.

  • Tax Man Mar 6, 2009

    May he rest in peace, and may others like him learn from his mistake. Also God bless the poor man who just happened to be the target of the speeding bike and will have to live with this the rest of his life. Sad all around - why do people have to speed all the time - you will never get there any faster. Slow down and live. That kid was too young to die, especially over such a stupid stunt.

  • Raptor06 Mar 6, 2009

    A biker brother has gone for a better ride. God bless him.

    Hey, car drivers watch out for motorcycles when you drive.

  • lynyrdskynyrd016 Mar 6, 2009

    I was good friends with Matt. Ive known him for a while now. Yes he was young and on a bike. But you got to remember he is someones son, someones brother and a bunch of peoples friends. Dont worry about the blame factor. Its not yours to cast. Just use this section for leaving your prayers and sorrows. He was a good man and will be greatly missed. Matt, keep an eye on us all. We will miss you and never forget you. Love you man.

  • didisaythat Mar 6, 2009

    The only comment I can make is that SilverWolf is obviously bias. So he doesn't see the groups of street bikes riding up Capital. Speeding, wheelies and recklessly weaving in and out of lanes. OK....I believe both are at fault and it is a shame that you can't drive in Raleigh without seeing a wreck. Everone needs to drive more cautiously. It doesn't mean drive like Miss Daisey, but pay attention. Look before doing. I am not saying the guy driving the jeep didn;t, I wasn't there. I will believe what the Police reported, they have no reason to lie. Unlike SilverWolf who obviously has a bone to pick. I know there are terrible drivers that couldn't see a Mack Truck, even less a motorcycle. But the kid was speeding and the guy might not have had time to react or he didn't look good enough before turning.

  • any1butcarolina0405 Mar 6, 2009

    I'm just hoping this will make those young motorcyclist think twice before speeding around like they do. then again, I can think of JUST as many speeding mom's on the cellphone in SUVs too big for them that have done the same thing on that road.

  • Lightfoot3 Mar 6, 2009

    I think the motorcycle driver was mostly, if not entirely at fault. I don’t care if the skid mark was relatively short. Not realizing the biker was speeding, the jeep driver probably thought he had enough time to turn and be out of the way. Or maybe the motorcycle was hidden from view by another car and popped out right at the last moment. Of course, there is the possibility that the jeep driver is entirely at fault, but I think that unlikely.

  • Here kitty kitty Mar 6, 2009

    I cannot count the # of times I have been passed on 540 by a "crotch-rocket" doing at least 80mph or faster. Dear Showed up Late...that was a really stupid comment. I'm sorry he got killed but it was his fault. SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! You fools give the rest of us safe driver/riders a bad reputation.

  • Imagine 722 Mar 6, 2009

    On a lighter note, he's in a better place now. Rest In Peace Matt!!!