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Motorcyclist Injured in I-40 Crash

Posted April 18, 2008

— A motorcyclist was in critical condition following a crash on Interstate 40 that closed two lanes of the highway Friday morning.

According to the police report, Marquida Racheal Armstrong, of 2503 Avent Ferry Rd. in Raleigh, was driving eastbound on I-40 in the right-center lane when she attempted to change lanes to exit at Hammond Road. Armstrong told police she never saw the motorcyle in the right lane.

Michael Steven White, of 112 Hillcrest Drive in Fuquay-Varina, was thrown from his motorcycle and, a witness said, appeared to hit his head on the curb. 

Armstrong was charged with an unsafe lane change and an inspection violation.


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  • ssnmbll Apr 21, 2008

    I work with Mike and he was a great man. I would like everyone to know we were just notified he has passed away. Please continue to pray for his family and co-workers during this difficult time. And I hope the person that wasn't paying attention while switching lanes is charged with his death.

  • ladybug467 Apr 18, 2008

    Please pray for this man! Everyone please be careful, two, four and 18 wheels! This isn't a "share the road" thing, more like "get your head out of the sand" thing. Only two wheels - sure, but more than less with bright paint jobs, bright extra lights and if you can't hear most of us, your radio is TOO loud. Most of us have taken care of the problem of cars not being able to see us, now just be more courteous when near us.

  • abf1 Apr 18, 2008

    My prayers do go out to the gentleman on the motorcycle as well as his family.

    Please folks, we need more courteous drivers out there, especially on I-40/440. When I am out there not tail-gaiting, there's a reason for that, and it's not a free invitation for someone to squeeze into that space. There is no job, no appointment so important that I am willing to risk my life or the life of someone else's to get there in time. Let's all just be more considerate for the others out there around us.

  • random musings Apr 18, 2008

    The rider works in one of the divisions of my husbands companies. While we do not know him personally, he is in my husbands office frequently. We have not heard from his family his condition yet. Please pray for him.

  • personality Apr 18, 2008

    I hope the gentleman on that motorcycle will be ok as well.

    I have driven my motorcycle on the outer I-40 beltline on the way home from an doctor's appointment at 5:30p.m. in the afternoon and was only going 25 - 30 m.p.h. and had a car cut right in front of me and then slam on the brakes to keep from hitting the car in front of them.

    I left a little space in front of me and the car in front so I had time to stop and this idiot just pulled right into that space and then had to slam on the brakes when they recognized there was no room to stop.

    I had to get on the brakes so hard that when I came to a stop my Harley-Davidson barley missed the rear bumper of the car and it leaned over and I barley held it up from hitting the ground.

    Motorists should be more thoughtful all together whether on a bike or a car, but the thought does not enter there mind until after an accident.

    Be Safe and watch out for that other car or motorcycle!

  • starglow2005 Apr 18, 2008

    I hope this guy is ok. I think most motorcycle drivers try to ride responsibly in a safe manner, but there are some idiot riders out there that weave in and out of heavy traffic at very high speeds like the guy I saw on I540 the other day, or follow too close to the car in front of them. Both automobile and motorcycle riders must drive responsibly and use some common sense judgment.

    Motorcycles are fun and I respect the brave souls who ride them, but they will almost always be on the losing end of an accident whether it was their fault or not and no matter how experienced the rider may be.

  • Soundguy Apr 18, 2008

    I drive I-40 east every morning and take the Hammond Rd exit so I saw the mess this morning. I really hope the rider is going to be OK. I used to ride a motorcycle but gave it up back in 1991 because I just could not take the stress of dealing with motorist that don't look or pay attention to bike riders. Not to mention I-40 at rush hour is the most dangerous place you could ever be on a motorcycle! Again, I hope the rider is OK.

  • irishale Apr 18, 2008

    Not only is it bike riding season, it's bike riding gas prices again... with gas prices going up, you're going to see even more bikes on the road because of it.

    PLEASE watch for motorcycles on the highway, people. DON'T try and share the lane with them... like Z Man said, just because the bike is narrow don't mean the whole width of the lane doesn't belong to them. And DON'T TAILGATE... the bike can stop faster than you can under some conditions, plus, if the rider goes down due to whatever reason, you could very well run over him/her... 'following too close' would be the term LEO's would use.

  • jockeyshiftspringer Apr 18, 2008

    Being defensive is the only way to survive on a motorcycle. Aggressive drivers, craters in the road, animals, alligators (tractor trailer retread tires)and oil are all out there waiting for us.

    Prayers to the guy on the bike.

  • Z Man Apr 18, 2008

    I commute on I40 on a motorcycle whenever the weather permits. It's amazing how many drivers want to share my lane with me. I'm sorry, but just because I ride to the left or right side of the lane, I reserve the right to all area between the stripes - it's mine and I'm not willing to share. I understand that when I'm off to the left then it's hard for drivers slightly ahead and to the right to see me in the side view mirror. So I anticipate them changing lanes. But those on the side of me or behind, there's no excuse. (Motorcyclists don't ride the middle of the lane because that's where it's most slippery - accumulation of oil dripped from cars and trucks).

    I'm hopeful for this cyclist.