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Motorcyclist injured in Fayetteville hit-and-run

Posted December 18, 2011
Updated December 19, 2011

— Fayetteville police are investigating a hit-and-run crash early Sunday that sent a motorcyclist to the hospital.

The driver of a white Honda turned in front of a motorcycle on Bragg Boulevard near Blue Street, police said. The driver, whose name was not released, then pulled into the parking lot of a club and fled on foot.

The passenger, who owns the Honda, remained at the scene. Police said it wasn't clear how well the driver and passenger knew each other.

The motorcyclist's name and condition were not released, but police said he was still at Cape Fear Valley Hospital as of Sunday afternoon.


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  • rmid327 Dec 21, 2011

    Okay....here's my one and only problem with the comments. I am from here...born and raised. However, the majority of the residents of Fayetteville are not, to include my grandfather who came from way up north and married my grandmother and stayed. Oh, and he served our country for 26 years. To refer to the "locals" saying they can't drive is an unfair statement. I would NEVER disregard anyone who was riding a motorcycle. My brother rides a Harley just about everyday. I watch and listen for them constantly. I understand the frustration that others feel because I feel some frustrations myself when trying to move about town. However, I really don't think it's fair to group all us "locals" in the same category.
    I do wish for a speedy recovery for the person on the motorcycle. And also I know law enforcement will find the one responsible in a timely manner as well.
    And I wish you all a Merry and safe Christmas.

  • sinenomine Dec 20, 2011

    hereandnow99, the reference you give to Wikipedia (for those who actually think Wikipedia is the ultimate research tool) has a lead-off picture of traffic in Bangkok. One of the footnotes to the article (did you read that far?) says:

    "Lane splitting is not recognized as a legal maneuver in any state except California. In most states it is not specifically prohibited but it is regularly interpreted by police and courts as unlawful."

    Instead of citing people to the rules of the road in Thailand or Australia, hereandnow99, you might want to direct them to the Motorcyclists' Handbook put out by the North Carolina DMV which can be found here:


  • JustOneGodLessThanU Dec 20, 2011

    @sinenomine, in some places it’s legal for motorcycles to ride in between rows of stopped cars: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lane_splitting

    If allowed, it could create incentive for more motorcyclists in congested areas. Imagine being able to cruise (even at 15MPH) through miles of bumper-to-bumper traffic.

  • sinenomine Dec 20, 2011

    fayncmike is certainly correct that automobile drivers share many of the faults of motorcyclists, however when there are two cars side by side in two lanes another car cannot squeeze between them to get ahead which is what I have frequently seen two-wheelers do at stoplights. That is what I meant by weaving, though my reference was not clear and I apologize for that.

    Speaking of two-wheelers (and I frequently ride a bicycle myself), some months ago I was signalling for a right turn at a stoplight when a cyclist (who I recognized as being the owner of a bike shop I patronize) squeezed between my vehicle and the curb. When the light changed to green he went straight ahead. Had I been less attentive I would have hit him due to his foolhardy maneuver. EVERYBODY needs to obey the rules of the road, whether on four wheels or two.

  • michod Dec 20, 2011

    Most fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by 4-wheelers making a left turn in front of the motorcyclist. As a motorcyclist(not a biker)I watch for vehicles attempting left turns and slow down..ready to break if necessary.

  • westernwake1 Dec 20, 2011

    Let's hope this motorcyclist recovers quickly and the police find the driver of the car soon.

  • fayncmike Dec 20, 2011

    "I am pleased to see that the motorcycle drivers who have posted here so far (I am writing this at 8:18 AM Dec. 20) are the responsible sort. They are not the ones I have seen so often speeding, weaving between other vehicles, cutting off other drivers, and doing wheelies on the Beltline.

    Well with the exception of the wheelies, that could just as easily be the normal local driver. Well at least half of them. The other half is poking along 15mph. under the limit in the passing lane. How come the people here never learn the basics of driving?

  • sinenomine Dec 20, 2011

    PS to previous post:

    Lest someone accidentally or purposely misconstrue my words, there is never an excuse for a hit and run driver; I also share the impression from the material presented in the article that this particular motorcycle driver was probably not at fault in this crash.

  • sinenomine Dec 20, 2011

    I am pleased to see that the motorcycle drivers who have posted here so far (I am writing this at 8:18 AM Dec. 20) are the responsible sort. They are not the ones I have seen so often speeding, weaving between other vehicles, cutting off other drivers, and doing wheelies on the Beltline.

  • tyronemcauley Dec 19, 2011

    It is crazy just how many people do not respect any other vehicle on the roads besides cars or trucks. I have actually gotten into arguments with associates over whether I have the right to even be on a motorcycle on the roads they drive. What? These are the types of attitudes that people are riding up and down the highways with. I learned as a young rider over 25 years ago that people in this state DO NOT SEE or RESPECT motorcyclists! If you are going to ride bikes in NC, you would do well to always remember that because it just might save your life!