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Motorcyclist arrested after fleeing Wake deputies

Posted July 6, 2010
Updated July 7, 2010

— The Highway Patrol was investigating after a motorcyclist crashed while being chased by Wake County deputies Monday night.

Deputies said they noticed a motorcyclist driving recklessly at Mackinac Island Lane and Battle Bridge Road in Raleigh. The man failed to stop, got on Interstate 40 West and crashed near the Durham County line, sheriff's officials said.

Deputies arrested Justin Emmanuel Jenkins, 28, of 625 Red Carriage Ave. in Durham, and charged him with driving without a license, fleeing to elude arrest and resisting arrest.


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  • mamawit3bratzz Jul 6, 2010

    i was outside my house which is right off mackinac island at 12:30-1 am (for a smoke) and thought guys were racing on that road since its a straight stretch.. found out at 2am that it was a chase..

  • str8thuggin Jul 6, 2010

    Way to go boys, I love WCSO.

  • jaynoel34 Jul 6, 2010

    I was on 40 when this motorcycle drove by me. He was going about 160 MPH and almost clipped my car swerving in and out of traffic. Saw the bike on the ground a few miles up and thought he killed himself for sure. Completely wreckless and he is lucky he didn't involve another vehicle.

  • MyNameIsMud Jul 6, 2010

    "unbelieveable on how many people don't have anything else to do. Media s one sided! They tell you what they want to hear. Please be Broad minded when reading and listening to the news."

    Maybe the BBC will have the name of this two-wheeled scoundrel by the noon broadcast.....

  • cr5diva Jul 6, 2010

    unbelieveable on how many people don't have anything else to do. Media s one sided! They tell you what they want to hear. Please be Broad minded when reading and listening to the news.

  • wwwalker Jul 6, 2010

    I heard th chase last night, but didn't know what I was hearing. First the whine of the bike's engine, then the sirens. I live right at I-40 & US-1, so it was must have been just a few minutes before the crash.

  • sniperdiver Jul 6, 2010

    I agree the guy is probably banged up pretty good. Unfortunatly since he is in the custody of law enforcement, tax payers are going to pay his medical expenses. More waste of tax payers money. In my opinion, its kind of like giving someone a reward for an act of stupidity.

  • jrileybug Jul 6, 2010

    It's funny how people complain about WRAL reporting, however it's the same ones commenting on story after story. If you don't like their reporting, visit another news site!

  • BeenHereSince67 Jul 6, 2010

    There is LOTS of motorcycle racing on I-540 every weekend night in the summer. They start just north of the Leesville Rd. exit and race towards the Creedmoor Rd exit. Lots of noise and sooner or later, one of these young men will crash and kill himself very spectacularly. It will be a terrible thing, his parents will be devastated, him friends will weep and wail about what a great person he was, and nothing else will be done to prevent it happening again. On the other hand, the noise level at 1 in the morning at my house will drop - for a while.

  • Z Man Jul 6, 2010

    I don't care how fast your bike is, you can't outrun 186,000 miles a second!

    I also suspect this guy got banged up pretty good. At least severe road rash.