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Morrisville amends ordinance allowing legally concealed firearms in parks

Posted October 22, 2013
Updated October 23, 2013

— Morrisville town leaders unanimously voted Tuesday to amend a town ordinance to align with a new state law that allows properly concealed handguns on town playgrounds and greenways.

The statute, which went into effect Oct. 1, reduces local governments' ability to restrict handguns on playgrounds and greenways except during local-government sponsored events.

Mayor Jackie Holcombe had asked town staff to look at options to continue restricting firearms while staying within the law, but staff was unable to find a way to do so and had to comply with the law.

Before voting, town leaders heard from those for and against the change.

"What was previously a low-risk environment at a park of playground is now a high-risk environment," said Karen Haldeman.

Others, like William Smith, disagreed.

"By putting a 'guns prohibited' sign in our parks, we increase, rather than decrease, the prospect of murder in our parks."

Richard Stockman also was for changing the ordinance.

"I have a chance to defend myself and the people around me while we're waiting for the law enforcement to get there," he said.

Nancy Van Dijk also spoke against amending the ordinance.

"Permit holders are reasonable, responsible law-abiding citizens, but accidents happen," she said.

The state law does allow local governments to still restrict concealed handguns in athletic field areas during organized athletic events that are scheduled by the government.


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  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    I frequently carry open and concealed, sometimes at the same time, in Cary parks and on the greenways. I have yet to see anyone freak out about it. I have not once been stopped by anyone including Cary police. I have walked the streets of Cary open carrying, including stopped at red lights of many busy intersections. I have yet to see anyone freak out or be stopped by anyone including the CPD... most of the anti-gun posters here are internet frauds hiding behind 1's and 0's with feigned fear just to cause uproar.

  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    whats truly funny about anti-gunners is they have no clue on a daily basis how many CCW guns they pass everyday...or NRA members or just plain ole gun owners... makes chuckle every time I go to my bank... if they only knew I was armed....AND no one was robbed or shot.....I have a well behaved gun....it actually likes nice people... but not bad people... LOL

  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    Democrat voters do most of the shooting. Does not matter if they are a felon. jcd241959

    popular urban legend, but not actually supported by facts.


    are you saying Chitcago, NYC and Detroit are conservative? I will give you the point most of the shooters don't vote though.... wouldn't be street cred for the bangers and pimps to be caught voting.

  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    I didn't miss your point, but you might have missed mine. Gay marriage only affects the gay folks getting married. Lightfoot3

    there are a few people in NC that disagree with that statement. You may remember the vote, or not...

  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    Steve I own 9 Rifles 2 handguns and one high capacity semi automatic,.....but I'm not stupid and this law is stupid. Not to mention as Alice said the GA has trampled all over local rights. You guys on the right can now stop preaching how you are all against Big Govt. forcing itself on the people...you have NO credibility anymore and you know it.


    whats a high capacity semi-auto? whats stupid about going into Moes for dinner and not having to leave your weapon behind? or out for the day but have school also so you have to leave your weapon behind? or now you can pick up our kids at school without having to go home first to drop off your weapon...please show me where anyone one of those instances actually killed someone. IE a CCW parton at a restaurant, and off campus student with a CCW parking on campus, or a parent with a CCW picking up a child at school.

    so really your post is a Sinfield episode...much ado about nothint

    BTW the law REDUCES govt intrusion not increase it

  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    If one these boogie men criminals gets one it should be up to law enforcement to take care of them. That's why we allocate our tax dollars to hiring law enforcement. They're certainly not perfect but they're better than relying on civilians.


    Chippers, any self respecting LEO will inform you they can not be everywhere at once or respond in seconds to emergencies...hence why we have standoffs with criminals and police....and if you never heard it before: when seconds count the cops are minutes away... and that's AFTER someone calls them... AND for every one person in the US that is murdered with a gun 1.5 in every STATE defends themselves with a gun... I honestly don't get your "rely in the cops because that's what we pay them for" opinion...

  • jpd9930 Oct 25, 2013

    this sums it all up....

    "Mayor Jackie Holcombe had asked town staff to look at options to continue restricting firearms while staying within the law, but staff was unable to find a way to do so and had to comply with the law."

  • Sherlock Oct 24, 2013

    As a gun owner I have my rights as well, why should I give up my rights for your?? Just stay out of the park it is that easy.

  • liberty4all2 Oct 24, 2013

    "Guns can be great. I just can't deal with this attitude by some gun owners that they should be able to take their guns virtually everywhere and the average citizen should be able to own assault rifles with huge magazines, etc. What's so offensive about a little bit of common sense gun control?" chippers
    The answer to your question lies in the definition of 'common sense.' Common sense does not dictate that you take actions that evidence shows will increase the problem. If you only listen to the media you only get one side of the arguement. Fact: As gun ownership (including millions of ARs)and concealed carry have skyrocketed, violent crime has gone down significantly. Even people from the anti-gun side that have done the research concluded that there is NO evidence that ANY gun control measure has ever reduced violent crime. On the other hand, studies of mass shootings going back 30 years showed that those stopped by CCW citizens resulted in an average of 2 deaths, while those stopped

  • CenterRight Oct 24, 2013

    You can easily hide a AR-15 rifle in your black trench coat. - corey3rd2

    Yup, and someone walking around a park in a black trench coat would be completely ignored...Good strawman argument. At least you believe it and get comfort from that. Wake up, all your original comment was intended to do was start more anti-Republican rhetoric. All it did, was prove you are a hyperbolic fearmongerer with no clue about guns or the laws about them. Laws which by the way criminals DO NOT FOLLOW.

    @junkmail5 - Thank you for your point of order, I had forgotten about the AR-15 pistol. However, since the gun stolen from the Ellmers was in fact a rifle, my original point stands. A rifle is not easily concealable.