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More than 800 arrested in DWI crackdown

Posted November 5, 2009

— State and local law enforcement officers arrested 816 impaired drivers during the Halloween “Booze It & Lose It” campaign, officials said Thursday.

A total of 17,573 traffic and criminal citations were issued statewide during the campaign, which ran from last Friday through Sunday.

During the Governor’s Highway Safety Program campaign, officers statewide conducted more than 2,157 sobriety checkpoints and dedicated patrols. Fifty-nine driving while impaired citations were issued in Wake County, which was second only to the 80 issued in Mecklenburg County, officials said.

Officers issued 1,189 safety belt violations, 252 child passenger safety violations, 4,975 speeding violations and 359 drug charges. They also apprehended 147 fugitives from justice and recovered 24 stolen vehicles.


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  • foxxy84 Nov 5, 2009

    Actually toddslater21 I am a sworn law enforcement officer & as one we are given hours of training about the effects of alcohol on the human body so that we can understand what we are dealing with when we encounter intoxicated persons. I know you are simply trying to get a rise out of people with your shallow comments, however it has done nothing more for me than make me feel sorry for you. I don't dispute that there are officers out there who give law enforcement a bad name... but there are bad doctors, bad politicians, bad teachers and bad people in general everywhere we go. To generalize a professional field by the actions of a select few is again an ignorant statement. I hope the day never comes where you need to rely on a police officer to help you or a loved one because I never would want someone to be placed in such a position... however IF the day comes, I can assure that whoever responds to your aid will do their job as they should regardless of your spite & contempt for them

  • toddslater21 Nov 5, 2009

    Are you a doctor foxxy? It is possible for a grown adult to have 2 beers and blow a .08. I don't think you are aware of how miniscule .08 is. And where do you get off calling me ignorant? I thought this was a place for people to comment their opinion on a story. I would love to work a 13 hour shift with these officers. Then I can confirm how lazy and worthless MOST of them are (notice I said most). You sound like one of those officers I am talking about. Very few of them are really in it to better a community. They are in it for the sense of power they feel. And they abuse that power. And our justice system allows that by passing laws that gives a police officer almost immnunity when it comes to breaking people's constitutional rights.

  • foxxy84 Nov 5, 2009

    for toddslater21's comment -> "I think it is ridiculous that I could go to a restaruant, have dinner with my family and have a beer with dinner and one afterward and there is a chance that I could blow a .08 (that is all it takes folks). Drive through a traffic stop and be arrested. Ridiculous!!!!"

    It is almost impossible for a grown adult to have TWO beers over the course of a meal and blow a 0.08. Unless you are a 100 pound five foot tall person with no body fat who chugged two beers one after the other, then MAYBE you might get close. Please refrain from posting further ignorant comments unless you actually know what you are talking about. People like you are so quick to jump to conclusions in regards to law enforcement when you have no idea what it is really like. Try working ONE 13 hour shift with some of these officers and see how well you fare. I'm sure it would be comical.

  • toddslater21 Nov 5, 2009

    I am would rather not forgo a constitutional right just so the government (and officials including judges) can make more money on the fines and court costs. The money does not go to education it goes to the justice system and the government. Our government and justice system is so corrupt. I think it is ridiculous that I could go to a restaruant, have dinner with my family and have a beer with dinner and one afterward and there is a chance that I could blow a .08 (that is all it takes folks). Drive through a traffic stop and be arrested. Ridiculous!!!!

  • readbtthelines Nov 5, 2009

    @toddslater21 Hey bro.... You don't have the RIGHT to drive anywhere. It's a privilege. But then again you can WALK or RIDE THE BUS! I love constitutional lawyer wanna-be's. They crack me up-----> LOL

  • whocares Nov 5, 2009

    If you are not doing anything illegal you shouldn't care whether there is a traffic stop or not. The Highway Patrol used to hold a traffic stop in front of my house. You would be surprised how many idiots there are that throw out beer cans in front of the patrol cars. It was better than what was on TV.

  • pyrosinthesky Nov 5, 2009

    > It is illegal to do a traffic stop...it is a violation upon our freedom and should be discontinued. I hate violations upon our constitutional rights. If they (police) are not good enough to catch us in the act (actually speeding or swerving) then they should consider an new career.

    Actually, it is not. The SCOTUS has ruled as such.

  • LocalYokel Nov 5, 2009

    I am always surprised at the number of stolen cars they find at these police searchpoints. We have a speeding epidemic and its proof when you cite 5,000 drivers - a majority of the citations.

  • EZeegoing Nov 5, 2009

    I applaud LEO's for doing a fine job, now let's hope judges and defense lawyers don't work overtime reducing or dropping the charges.

  • cartman Nov 5, 2009

    The campaign is "Boose It and Loose It", right?

    Look at the information, 17,573 cited, of that amount only 816 are related to alcohol. Or 4.6%. So they went after a certian group.....but managed to cite mostly people with nothing to do with the goal of the campaign.

    Makes you think they should rename "Stop People for Whatever Reason".......but wait that would be unconstitutional and people would get upset......yet that's exactly what it is.