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More than 44K People Cited in Statewide Traffic Safety Campaign

Posted May 30, 2007

— More than 44,000 people were cited for traffic and criminal violations during a holiday-related statewide campaign.

From May 21 to May 27, law enforcement agencies from across the state also issued 9,100 seat belt citations and 724 child passenger safety violations at more than 3,800 checkpoints and patrols, according to the Governor's Highway Safety Program.

Full results are expected to be released by the agency Thursday.


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  • Student Nurse May 31, 2007

    Oh golly 68polera, my comment that said people would sue car manufacterers was a JOKE.

  • 68_polara May 31, 2007

    I agree old pirate, as much as I'm thankful they probably captured some hoods with outstanding warrants they are still running the operation under the assumption that they are enforcing a seat belt law. Here is the problem I have with a seat belt law. Laws have always been established to protect someone against someone else. Many laws are now being written for the purpose to protect oneself from them selves. This opens a door to a slippery slope in which individuals freedoms can be taken away. Child safety seat enforcement however makes sense because a small child unable to make a decision on their own to use a safety seat and to use it properly. However enforcing seat belt laws on adults, however warm and fuzzy it makes others feel, is wrong. Individuals should have the freedom to choose whether or not to use them.

  • 68_polara May 31, 2007


    Our founding fathers carefully choose what how to construct the constitution to protect freedoms for all and avoid an overbearing government. I just think they would be gravely disappointed as with some of the laws that are now written. Personally I think it's suicide travel in an automobile with out one and I encourage people to use them.

  • OLD PIRATE May 31, 2007

    Happens when lottery revenue is down.. Truth is it was probably a good campaign. We all need to slow down some and
    while I hate to buckle up, its not a bad idea.. Its just the fact we are told to do it.

  • cjump May 31, 2007

    Spiritwarrior - the reason there were half as many fatalities is because half of us couldn't afford the gas prices to go anywhere.

    Welcome to the Police State of the United States of the Offended.

  • Sundaysailor May 31, 2007

    68...how 'bout doing 69 in a 55? No one wants to see the contiued religious posts. ok?

  • 68_polara May 31, 2007

    That's just Sunday sailor trying to start another fight. Grow up sailor.

  • 68_polara May 31, 2007

    "If we didn't have seatbelt laws, people would be sueing car manufacturers for the death of their loved ones who didn't wear a seatbelt and died in an accident."

    This isn't true why would one say this? If someone doesn't use safety equipment provided by a manufacture why would the manufacturer be liable?

  • Sundaysailor May 31, 2007

    No gods or angels mentioned in the article. Did anyone see any? This article is about 44k tickets written. Please keep the religion out of the postings.

  • casp3r May 31, 2007

    724 child passenger safety violations .. Thats really sad...