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More than 200 meth labs busted in N.C. in 2009

Posted January 11, 2010

— Law enforcement agencies across North Carolina broke up 206 methamphetamine labs across the state last year, officials said Monday.

The figure was up slightly from the 195 meth labs busted in 2008 but was far below the 2005 record of 328.

Anson County had the most meth lab busts in the state last year with 31, followed by Wayne County with 24, Duplin County with 21, Johnston County with 15 labs and Sampson and Halifax counties with nine each.

“While North Carolina’s aggressive approach to containing meth has kept the numbers steady, law enforcement is seeing alarming new trends that mean we have to stay vigilant,” Attorney General Roy Cooper said in a statement.

Cooper and the State Bureau of Investigation are working to give law enforcement more tools to identify meth labs. For example, an electronic tracking system will soon allow SBI agents and other officers to analyze information about purchases of pseudoephedrine, a key ingredient in meth that is found in common cold remedies, and identify buys made to supply meth labs. The system will track sales of pseudoephedrine by pharmacies in North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi.

Since January 2006, North Carolina has required that all pills containing pseudoephedrine and ephedrine be sold behind a pharmacy counter. Purchasers must be at least 18 years old and show a photo ID and sign a log to buy these products. The law limits purchasers to no more than two packages at once and no more than three packages within 30 days.


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  • go po-po Jan 11, 2010

    Well though it is still a small deal, as you people say. Let me be the first person here to say, as a citizen and a fellow LEO. good job and thank you all law enforcement officers for getting this killer off of the street.

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 11, 2010

    BREAKING NEWS (RNN): The 42,000 meth labs in Mexico were NOT busted...and are shipping hundreds of pounds over the border a day. (U.S. Federal and State governments look the other way, as if by ignoring the problem, it will go away.)

  • wattsun Jan 11, 2010

    Meth hasn't even hot hard here in NC but just wait its coming.
    Meth has Become a large "White Collar" drug in The Atlanta area.
    the Allure to yuppies is that it gives you TONS of energy and makes you feel indestructible.
    This is a cruel irony because over time you meth makes you think you are being more productive and actually your quality of work and life will decline rapidly , while at the same time your addiction will start to consume all your time and thoughts.

  • go4gin Jan 11, 2010

    They just busted a "super" lab in MT. Airy!
    A super lab is capable of producing more than 10 pounds of meth at a time. The meth in the Mount Airy case had been trucked from Mexico to Surry County, where it was undergoing a final cooking process to become finished meth, Cooper said.

  • redmoon Jan 11, 2010

    How about some guide lines for people to watch out for in their neighborhood ?

  • OrdinaryCitizen Jan 11, 2010

    That is some scary stuff.

  • CrewMax Jan 11, 2010

    Amazing. I am a little surprised that the ABC board doesn't try to get a hand in regulating them.