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More than 2,800 cited in DWI crackdown

Posted September 3, 2008

— State and local law enforcement officers cited 2,821 people with driving while impaired during the Labor Day “Booze It & Lose It” campaign, which ran Aug. 15 through Monday, officials said Wednesday.

During the Governor’s Highway Safety Program campaign, officers conducted more than 8,700 sobriety checkpoints and dedicated patrols. Statewide, 100,424 traffic and criminal citations were issued.

Wake County had the highest number of DWI citations at 242, followed by Mecklenburg County with 108, Guilford County with 105 and New Hanover County with 101.

Officers also issued 8,812 safety belt and 1,329 child passenger safety violations, 26,911 speeding violations and 1,950 drug charges. They also arrested 699 fugitives from justice and recovered 140 stolen vehicles, officials said.


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  • WRAL is joe_dirt Sep 3, 2008

    thinkb4youspeak croaks;
    Actually, I spend about 25-30 hours per week in a courtroom. Whats your expertise? What do you think the reason is?

    Homeless people spend about 25-30 hours a week in a courtroom. Can I get expert advise from them?

  • CrewMax Sep 3, 2008

    "Those Who Sacrifice Liberty For Security Deserve Neither."

    -Ben Franklin

  • thinkb4youspeak Sep 3, 2008

    "Ha!! You've evidently never spent any time in a courtroom!! Most of the dismissals come b/c cops violated the constitution? Give me a break!
    Click to view my profile Cookie Me Elmo
    GOLO member since January 3, 2008"

    Actually, I spend about 25-30 hours per week in a courtroom. Whats your expertise? What do you think the reason is?

  • airbornemonty Sep 3, 2008

    Wait a minute, why can't they do this everyday of the week? They get paid everyday to do the job don't they?

  • WRAL is joe_dirt Sep 3, 2008

    I wonder how many LEO's and lawmakers were busted in the "takedown?" Can't use the excust they didn't know.

  • homebrewer Sep 3, 2008

    "68% of statistics are made up on the spot, but kudos to the boys in blue for a job well done."- cucamelsmd15

    Actually its 73.5% but close enough for government work

  • ifcdirector Sep 3, 2008

    Oh yes. We need roadblocks every day at all major intersections checking our papers constantly so we can move safely from street to street as well. It's especially important to check everyone's papers too since most citizens stopped will not be guilty of anything at all and we really need some other excuse to stop them without probable cause. It's just amazing how easily people will fork over their rights. I am amazed we have the ones we do with the spineless and/or deranged people posting that this method is in their minds Constitutional. I guess a century of liberal education in our public schools has really been effective added to the desentization of society with these checkpoints in our ever widening police state. It's surreal.

  • frankbad15 Sep 3, 2008

    They wont do this every weekend, if so all the bars and night clubs will go out of business.

  • str8-line Sep 3, 2008

    I'm in shock, 140 stolen cars. It's the ones that want something for nothing.

    And how about all you miserable drunks buy a bicycle and start pedaling your way out of here. We do not need nor want you on our roads driving drunk.

    Way to go officers.

  • makeitright Sep 3, 2008

    This should be a 24X7X365 activity. Can't tell me that they aren't getting enogh funding from all that activity in the way of fines, impounded cars etc. And if they are not, then they should be.... Good Work