More than 160 respond to Medicaid request

Posted April 4, 2013

— The Department of Health and Human Services received more than 160 responses to a Request for Information seeking ideas on how to reshape the state's Medicaid system, according to a list released Thursday.

Gov. Pat McCrory proposed turning management of the state's health insurance program over to three or four managed care companies during an announcement Wednesday.

Health care companies around the state are still analyzing what McCrory's proposal might mean for their business.

Among the respondents were AARP, the Autism Society and other nonprofits, the Civitas Institute and other think tanks, drug company GlaxoSmithKline, divisions of DHHS itself, analytical software giant SAS Institute and doctors groups, including Wake Emergency Physicians.

It's unclear what all those people told McCrory and the department. Some groups, such as the North Carolina Medical Society, have widely shared their thoughts on what Medicaid ought to look like. Others have not.

Language in the RFI promises to protect the responses from public disclosure until the state issues a Request for Proposals.

"If the state does determine that these services are of a benefit to the state, an RFP will be issued. Until then, all information sent in by respondents for this RFI will remain confidential until after the award of the RFP or until the state makes the decision to not issue an RFP," says the RFI language.


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  • Mommyoftwo Apr 8, 2013

    WWWHHHAAATTTT??? You mean McCrory CAN'T do whatever he wishes? His little smug smile says differently to him.

    He didn't make any friends in the legislature by keeping them out of the loop. And it won't be long before Wos realizes what they want to do is not feasible. Can't wait to see how McCrory spins that one. Blame it all on Wos maybe? Because we all know he will NEVER admit he was wrong!

  • HeadsUp Apr 5, 2013

    Secretary Wos and NCDHHS had no legal authority to promise confidentiality to RFI respondents except to the extent that trade secrets can be shielded from disclosure.

    That is and has long been the law in North Carolina, whether DHHS knows it -- or likes it -- or not.

    As they surely will learn the hard way.

    This is what happens when you put people in charge of state agencies who know nothing about state government.

  • Spock Apr 4, 2013

    REMOVE Medicaid and all government sponsored entitlements - PROBLEM COMPLETELY SOLVED. Not to mention the reduction of government.